Saturday, December 30, 2006


Ding Dong
Friday 29th December

I always crap on about what I don't like about Ding Dong, but I have seen some great bands play there. It can be an intimit venue, get close to the band. Did miss out on the Fearless Vampire Killers but going by there Myspace some great Phycodelic rock tunes.

Often I go to places and get the Invisible man treatment, what this well you could be standing by yourself, not causing any trouble and all of a sudden some trendy looking guy with his modern hair comes over and stands in front with his other freinds, then start entering your space with wailing hands, and posible spilige of beverages. Then you check the next band to realise that the wankers standing in front of you are playing, and there not too bad.

Then What was with the lead singers from the Treetops hair, he looks like he should be playing robin hood. Treetops had a keyboard player, I thought that they said that the guitarist was at the falls festival?

Highlight was The Rumours, play a tight performance, not to much stop/start or talking, sweet pop tunes.

Hey to that sweet girl sitting next to me for a few of bands(she'll never need this, but who the frack does), sometimes I never have the guts to talk to strange girls.

Treetops Myspace
Hovercrafts Myspace
The Rumours
The Fearless Vampire Killers - I missed out on this band, next time

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

NYE in Melbourne

NYE is overated, some bands that may tempted you.

Ding Dong – Tic Toc Tokyo (myspace) - 'Live Blue Neon' live on RRR. Melbourne Indie rock guitar band.

Click Click - Corner Kind & Lonsdale, with bands ...
Scientists of Modern Music (Tasmanian Electro Rock) - 'Technology Illiterate'
Young and Restless (Canberra Indie, Punk) - 'Satan'
Saint James (Indie Rock, like the Stones, Kings of leon etc) - 'Feelin' Lucky'
Little Red (Indie pop Rock, like the stones, frans, touch of 90's brit pop) - 'Waiting'

Espy – The Drones (Melbourne Rock Band, long and loud) - 'This Times' Live to air PBSfm 2005.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A quick look at The Tote...

Mon 18/12/06 - A quick look at The Tote caught Spencer P Jones and Dynamo for $5. I came a bit late, nothing but dregs on that plate of snags.

Dynamo maybe described as a rock band with a horn section? Well that's what I thought.
Was fairly Aus, playing in the backyard of a pub, with a BBQ giving some greasy snag smell definitely added to this Aussie band party sounds.

On the flipside Spencer P Jones was another big band, but had more of a Rock Country twist.
If you've been to tote or haven't there like drop in the floor, like a pit, square in front of the stage. This was where Spencer P Jones and Band Played, kind of awkward for the punters with all the pilers around trying to get a good position, or this could be a good thing getting nice and right in your face.

Spencer P Jones - "Clementine" from 'Fait Accompli'

Hazel Brwon at the Evelyn

A nice Sunday night saw some child out sounds. The Evelyn got steadly packed, which I was amazed as it was a Sunday. Great for Aussie acts.

Hazel Brown - 'Calligraphy' from Rivers & Veins. A song which is very catchy. She had a great full peice band, with a double base. You could make comparisons to Fiona Apple and Clare Bowditch. (myspace)

Sarrah Callender also played and another guy(please leave a msg if you know who he is, must take a note pad) at the start, both playing by themself.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The New Pornographers at the Prince

The New Pornographers at the Prince

Came in just as those weedy kids (tight black jeans they're all the craze) had finished (was it the Crayon Fields) - comments 'better than last time... Could loose a Band member...'.

What another Solid gig, pop sensation, made me walk out of there with a huge smile. My mate whom I went with (as well as my X who I miss) got a compliment by a drunk on the way out 'I can tell you saw the New Pornographers'. It was fantastic big band well 7, crowd wasnt to bad either for a Tuesday night, tight and snapy sounds, lets dance the night away.

“Twin Cinema” from ‘Twin Cinema’

Web The New Pornographers

Crayon Fields MySpace

Crayon Fields "Lovely Time" from a demo

The New Pornographers - All For Swinging You Around

Monday, December 11, 2006


Midlake + Art of Fighting, The Corner, 10th December 2006

I strolled into the Corner about half way through Art of fighting's set, some friends claim they are slow and borring, but I claim easygoing and picturesque.

Midlake (who I still think its funny they are from Texas) played a tight set, plenty of moving pictures behind them, recreating tracks sucessfully from there albums. Punters were young and old, maybe a few more girls than guys. Some people did walk out straight after they'd Played Rosco, which was a little sad, so much more to give.

Midlake "Balloon Maker" from there Bamnan and Slivercork album, myspace

Art of Fighting myspace

Friday, November 17, 2006

Could've Moved Mountains

The thing I like about residency's is that you can see a band progress through the weeks will they change or stay the same, also this one free. Free gig's are great because if you don't like it you can leave and you don't feel hard done with parting with your hard earnd cash.

Another Indie band from Melbourne, with a bit more atmosphere - Could've Moved Mountains
A ghost

Tote *Front Bar Residency*
This weekend guests Billy Whims & Marcus Hobbs
4-7pm, free

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dukes of Windsor

Found this one on the JJJ website, 'The Others' by Dukes of Windsor, Melbourne band, playing an electro/rock which is all the rage.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Special Patrol

Special Patrol (from SA, correct me if I'm wrong), nice guitar indie pop tune, from a thematic album that tells a story. They've also travelled extensivly through Australia and have recently played in Melbourne.

Changing Emily [6.50MB] from Handy Hints from the Undertaker.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Plug in city

Plug in city - broke on a wheel

One of my favorite band playing around, hints of 80's with keyboards and a taste of disco rock.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


A couple of posters that were cool

Ariel Pink & Legends of Motor Sport

Legend of Motor Sport, Mess it up - from the Album Rements of the Big Band

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Attack The Drones

The Drones at The Hi Fi, Sat 16/09/2006

I managed to catch Darling Downs, which has Kim Salmon (The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon, The Surrealists) on accoustic guitar and Ron Peno from Died Pretty. They managed to get some sort of attention from the crowd but sort of folk tunes, arms movement from Ron like he was flying, got some people to stand up and buy some beers.

After some time, the drones came on the stage, awarding winning band, I had heard some of there music, bought a CD of there's and was also keen to see what all the hype was about. The crowd was mixed, sprinkled with a range of gigs goers from Bogans to Museos. They're music you could say is very Australian sounding (WTF does that mean, I don't know), lots of guitars doing stuff, with some vocals. When they did come on stage they did announce we're playing new stuff, but as I'm not a crazy fan, unlike the guy who stood next me, I couldnt tell you if this was true.

After watching them, seeing what the hype was about, wasnt the most inspiring gig, lots of people out there doing music with guitars, which in the end of the day is starting to get borring.

The Drones 'I Don't ever want to change' from there new album.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Oh Boy

Johny Boy at the Hi Fi, Sunday 27 August

What's Happening with the Hi Fi bar, cant attrack the punters? Free tickets, cheap tickets, exspensive door prices... don't know.

Potentialy from what I've heard on there Myspace site and going by what some what sites and media are saying, for example "
Johnny Boy brings indie, hip-hop to the Xfm studios with some sophisticated dance thrown in for good measure." The evening just didn't do it for me, came in with no expectations went out with what was that 40 minutes of ...

Maybe it was the sound (so loud and muffled) or the disconected audience who just stood around, with the exception of a lone drunk dancer. Even some of the punters walk out, in full view of the band, don't they know that the hi fi is not a place you can walk out on, you have good view of the band and the band has good view of you.

One freind said it me it was like buying a junior burger, luls the hunger for a few minutes, but you want some more but its not a great burger. Was disapointed in many reasons, 35 bucks at the door, no beer on tap, only 40 minutes and punters who looked like they just couldnt give a toss.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink's Doldurms was made in seclusion using an 8 track with a guitar, bass & eyboard, to make some Lo Fi Pop.

He's making an Instore at Missinglink Records on Wednesday 4 October 5pm (FREE), and also at the East Brunswick Club on Wednesday 27 September ($22).

Going on the net you can find a couple of track through, the first one I think is 'for kate i wait' from the Doldrums; maybe 'juleslosthis' from Worn Copy; and 'Helen' from House Arrest.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bellrays at the Corner

Friday 4th August 2006

Bellrays played for a solid one hour, non stop, no breaking, no tunning, no awkward silences. It was like a soul review but done in the form of rock, so you could call it a rock review, with some soul thrown in for good measure, plus the lead singer could really belt it out. For a packed corner you could have been mistaken for people coming just to see them, but later that night radio birdman played. If they had played there own headlining show in Melbourne I would of gone, but this was the only option, I was hoping for some secret special gig but didn’t happen to hear of anything.

As soon bell’s finished, all the hip kids wanted more, being realistic I left (Already seen radio birdman) and then I noticed an army leather clad old men started moving to the front.

I was told by a friend they also played to a quiet Hi Fi bar, also played a cover of an AC/DC song.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another Telco on the block

Telecom - In my opinion, One of the most interesting artworks for a band that I've seen in a while, plus from Melbourne. This indie rocker band have a mp3 on their site Second Feature from "Modern Adventures" EP.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bell & Sebastian

Sat 10 June 2006, the Forum
Suported by Even, this show was another fine example of how to play live, good sound and a tight performance. The croud was a mix of old and young, and well behaved to. Highlight was an impromptue cover of Jump due to the front man stuart hanging off a large sculpture on the side, which is a couple of stories up if you havent been to the forum. Also another early start from 9 - 10.50pm.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Playing around # 3

The Red Paintings - "Just People and Leaves" from Rain Single (2004) through Ashphalt Records. The Robot got me looking at this one, its great how they go through themes, this song looks like its from some sort of Mary themed album.

The Legs - "Mid December" From self titled Ep, throughWaterfront.
Fri 16th June Rob Roy Hotel, w/ The Fumes and Sons of Lee Marvin
Sat 17th June JB HI FI, Bourke Street,2pm
Fri 7th July The Old Bar, 10.30pm w/ Master Cardinal

Sodastream - "Welcome Throw" from The Hill For Company (2001). At Northcote Social Club, Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd July.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Playing around # 2

Smoosh - "Find a Way" from free to stay (2006). Playing with the Eels in 23rd & 24th of July The Atheneum.

City City City - "the 4am cavalry pt 2" from the perimeter motor show (2005). Playing at the East Brunswick Club Friday 23rd of June.

Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah - "Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood" from there debut album (self titled). The Hi-Fi, Thursday 20th of July

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Playing around

Some links for bands who are playing around Melbourne.
Decoder Ring - Fractions, Spanish club sat 27 may
mates of state - fraud in the '80s, northcote social club 15 July
Sekidan - Up in the air, sun 21th may East Brunswick Club

Sons of Messengers - Selling Out
The Last Five Minutes - To your Door,

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Date: 2006-04-23

This was probably the best gig I've seen for this year. Sharon and the Dap-Kings had an energy that I've never seen before (especially Sharon), plus it was a rear opportunity to see a live real Soul Band. Pitty about the crowd there (well this were the people upfront) rude, smelly and arrogant.Putting the punters aside, i left feeling pretty good and not tired, as sometimes bands over play and play for too long.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Unstable Ape Showcase

Unstable Ape Showcase, The Evlyn 31/03/2006

The first real cold night in melbourne for a while and somehow manage to find a smokey pub with plenty of cool kids (not including me). A few clues to growing old, the average punter is younger than you and your too tired to stay to the last band(well I had to get up the next day to work. However I did manage to catch Kes and Sir. One was very Gary Newman like and the other a rock band with a lead singer who slowely lost his voice.

The Sampler CD was well worth the $8 entry fee. Featuring some great new talents like Bird Blobs, Love of Diagrams and Laura Jean. The Unstable Ape Website needs a little update with some old headlines and some mp3 downloads that dont work.


- Snap! Crakk! "It Makes Me Warm" from the album And The Sea Closed...
- Laura Jean "Our Swan Song" from the album Our Swan Song (Due Aug 05)
- Bird Blobs "Nothin' At All" from the album Bird Blobs
- Love of Diagrams can be heard at there myspace.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Cants, The hovercrafts & the Cheats

24 march at ding dong

The Ding Dong has probably lost a bit of its pretentiousness without having its guitar head taps at the bar. But the people were still there, especially tonight with its VB alive thing happening all over town, people taking photos of the punters, a bit to much like the clubbing part in beat and inpress.

The cheats probably have the biggest light show in Melbourne at the moment with instruments and amps covered in Christmas lights, as this was just for two guys. Without the lights they may of passed of as another two man outfit, but they were worth watching with some catching foot stompers.

The Hovercrafts played pop rock (quirky aus rock) that makes you want to dance. A band that I've been keen to see for a bit, however have always missed out. And some lucky girl had the classic 'today is your birthday performed exclusively for her.

The Cants (website is down) combining garage/beat, 70's/80's pop and punk, but something about them gives me hints of mud honey and the melvins, well maybe very tiny bits. My highlight was there super rendition of batman (from the adam west tv show, not prince's song). Find out more info on there record label Infidelity.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Crustaceans

The Crustaceans at The Laundry. Friday 17 March 06 the laundry.

A balmy St Patricks night greeted us to the Laundries lounge like ground floor. Waiting for Sydney band the Crustaceans to come on for a free gig, with listened to there regular night call Geek Night.

The concept of a Geek night is strange, will you see guys with big glasses and bringing there Lan ready computers? I don’t think so. A DJ playing indie pop doesn’t constitute a Geek night does it? As Indie Pop has breached the main stream.

I was a strange atmosphere sitting in a lounge, drinking a brew and watching some guys on little stage playing right in front of you. I could have been at home watching them in a garage or something. This set the mood for the night, small crowd, with a small casual comfortable band. They probably didn’t reach they’re full potential or what I was expecting (but maybe that with most bands). They did play the Telecaster, my pick from there myspace, which is a solid indie pop song.

At the end of there set they dragged a few dazed people onto stage to play a range of rhythm instruments. It nearly happened to me, but I was a little bit confused or drunk to know what I was meant to do.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Minimum Chips + Panel of Judges & New Estate

Minimum Chips + Panel of Judges & New Estate
Thursday 16 March 06
Manchester Lane

Being a Jazz venue Manchester Lane, I find other bands playing there feel a little bit awkward. Such was the nights bands that set the stage. These bands are probably more accustomed to playing in pub with no chair and tables.

New Estate was interesting with there sound sitting in some time warp with experimental guitar bands from the 80's/90's. Panel of Judges started to play with some sort of aragant taunts 'Get my a beer' which in turn some dude in the crowd yelled out "JUST PLAY!" But they really started rocking when they switched over with the female vocals. A little to much stopping and starting for my liking. Minimum Chips finished the night off with a slow experimental sound, kind of only just put together, somehow reminded me of Stereolab and France, the country.

An interesting line up on a night where so much stuff was going on, shame it was advertised as much as other gigs going on.

Minimum Chips has a ton of tracks on there website, this one is from the Sound Asleep CD ED, "Cold Afternoon".

Panel of Judges has a couples of tracks on there website, this one "faux park", taken from there 2004 ep.

Friday, March 10, 2006


ROSS IRWIN SOUL SPECIAL The Night Cat, Fitzroy. Sat 8th March

First set the dance floor had a bit of room to move, but later it got uncomfortably pack.
Maybe if you’re a fan of the cat empire then you’d probably really get into this. It seemed like all the last people to jump on the Cat Empire band wagon were there. But The Soul Special are different, making a fresh soul sound with heavy influences from 60’s and 70’s, and most of the time without a corny Aussie accent.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Raveonettes + Riff Random

The Raveonettes + Riff Random, The HiFi, Wed 1/03/2006

Another hot day in Melbourne, always makes me think "Do I really want to go to a smelly sweaty hot venue, and feel uncomfortable?"

On arriving the HiFi was peaceful, no one was there, not its usual back, sweaty place. I thought that must be why tickets for one for two. But I tip my hat to the HiFi for doing A. E-tickets and B. for opening doors at 7.30. The Raveonettes came on at 10 and finished before 11.30. That’s a bonus because you can catch public transport home, and go to bed early.

After not wanting to go early to the Magic Numbers gig to avoid Riff Random, I then end up watching them at the HiFi, its simply carma. Riff Random was best described by my girlfriend as "The lead singer is like the one from the vines but shiter! but the drummer is good" Simply don't believe the hype - riff random (at the moment) aren’t the next best thing. A designer does not make you a cool band.

When the Raveonettes came on its was a pack HiFi is was used to no one was sitting down. Also the best place for air-condition (a fan) is up the back of the bottom level near the bar. It was one of those shows that started off slowly then they warmed up and got moving. Garage rock for the brain.


You can download a couple of tracks of the Raveonettes myspace.

Riff Random have "Shut Up and Dance" up on there website, one of there better songs.


Here are some mp3 links to upcoming gigs in March.

The Small Knives, an acoustic duo, and going by there website have “renowned live shows”. Flashlight is a free mp3 that’s been recently posted on there website. Next gigs are at Empress Hotel, Fitzroy, Friday March 18 & Northcote Social Club, Saturday April 23 (with Clare Bowditch)

Jens Lekman is a Swedish pop musician and has been releasing albums and serval eps since 2003. You could scribed is music as guitar pop with the use of samples and string.
Hi work is often compared with the likes of Jonathan Richmond, Magnetic Fields and Morrissey. My fav track is the upbeat

He has released one album and several EPs since 2003. His music can be described as guitar based pop with heavy use of samples and strings, the lyrics are often witty, romantic and sad. His work is often compared to that by Stephin Merritt, Jonathan Richman, Morrissey and The Magnetic Fields.

My fav Track is “I don't know if shes worth 900 kr” from You Deserve Someone Better Than A Bum Like Me, May 2005 Aus Tour Ep. But don’t stop there as there are 3 complete eps to download. Appearing at the Northcote Social Club, March 11th.

Monday, February 20, 2006

C.W.Q at Manchester Lane

C.W.Q at Manchester Lane Thur Feb 16

A main act starting at 9pm, with a cover charge of $5, I must of travelled back in time to the 90's, but I soon came back to present day as the price of beer was high $4 for a pot draft. But with a swanky place like bennetts lane you'd probably be drinking some sort cocktail.

Originally I had seen there add in the street press, claiming "bring one shoe for dancing and one shoe for drinking" But how could I where there were tables cover the floor! Nice poster, felt it was a good representation of the bands sound, but whats with all the hats?

My girlfriend noted that they had a sound that reminded her of the Dave Matthews band. The band had about 5 people on stage playing some multilayered sounds, each instrument I could focus in on - maybe this was due to the great sound quality that night of the venue. Online they have a few mp3, my pick is Two shadows. There latest album is Old Trees & New Branches , you can purchase this through

Sunday, February 19, 2006

New event

Don't know if this will take off ... Children of the night a week long of live Music, with bands like Wolf and Cub, Damn Arms, Midnight Juggernauts, Bit By Bats, Cut Copy DJs, My Disco, Temper Temper, Van She, Ajax, Baby Take A Bow. To be held at the Chinese Theatre - behind the Forum on Russell street and free entry ?!?!?!?!. Being held between Feb 24 - March 3, doors opening at 9pm.

I'm probably more interested in what the Chinese Theatre looks like. By looking at the website its been back by some sponsers, hopefuly they dont make it a lame night out and keep it fresh.

Noise city news
Also I' m working on a news website - focusing on Melb music - sending things from my work email, but now they have blocked frozen its account as they think I'm a spammer.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Deerhoof + Calvin Johnson & the crayon feilds

E2E4, North Melbourne, Sunday 12/02/2006

Found a very small add for this gig under a larger add for the main act, Deerhoof.

This was set in warehouse (E2E4), which now is a bar, artist space, studio, come outside indoor place, which should have the roof open, due to the heat the was being generated by people and weather. Nice stencils and street art going up the stairs.

My highlight for this little show case was the crayon fields, fiiting into that whole indie/pop/guys in a band thing thats been around for a while. Good people for sitting still and not dancing(not that dancing is a bad thing - read on further).

Then came Calvin Johnson, didn’t get me going, but the crowd seemed focused on his performance. On a add for his album in inpress it has a quote from the age “As far as indie heroes go, they don’t come more heroic as Calvin Johnson” which kind of confuses me as it didn’t happen for me today.

Missed the next band, maybe there wasn’t even one as I found some food down the road in North Melbourne. Deerhoof came on with there distinct instrumental sound with a peppering of vocals, but what everyone standing up, I can’t see!!! No stage?!?!?! Don’t understand Deerhoof’s website, they have mp3’s to sample but to me it doesn’t look as straight forward as other sites.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers, + Youth group & Riff Random
The Corner, Wed 1st Feb

The Magic Numbers played there sideshow, after playing at the Melbourne Big Day Out. The Corner was packed and instead of smelling of smoke, it was more like sweat and beer.

I didn't get there untill Youth Group were on. Call me a wanker or snob, whatever, I simply don't care for
Riff Random. Youth Group's lead singer Toby sang like he was making sex to the mike, but just could't make it. Last time I saw Youth Group was at a gig in 2004 at Ding Dong, where then they just seemed to rock out more.

Migac Numbers are from London, but have a sound that could fit very comfortably in the states. They have a experimental sound and melodic, like such other artists as the flaming lips and from the 60's a touch of the Mamas and Papas.

The two girls had very beutiful voices, Michele soft and Angela ever so sexy and sweet. Also was very pleased to find out that they weren't not pretentious gits. They did an interesting cover of Crazy in Love and finished it off with one of the longest ever outro's I have heard in a while.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lisa Miller at Grand Central

Lisa Miller at Grand Central, 28th of January 2006

It been a while Since the last time I've seen a gig, over a month, whats with that. Didn't think much of the opening act, even though I like some of there past work, crap who were they again.... The Darling downs.

Nice venue, aircon worked. But couldn't see anything as I was sitting down and some bum in front of me. I must of forgot that I had the use of my legs due to the aircon and cold beer, brought in from the front bar, and the back didn't have daught on tap.

Lisa Miller captivated the crowd with her sweet voice on a lazy Melbourne summer day. It was great to kickback.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Hottest 100 - My 10 votes

Another Hottest 100 has come around with its online and sms voting (about 470,000 from Australia and overseas). Times have changed when it was just a piece of card that was picked up at your local ABC shop and sent away.

When I loged on today and it's a little slow, maybe this is because its one of the biggest music polls online today. Gone are the days where you had a couple of months to decide what you would vote for, instead its now 20 days from the 1st till the 20th of January. Nice addition is the online countdown for the close of voting.

Heres what I picked, we'll see where they get Australia day (in no order)

Wrong Time Capsule - Deerhoof
Destroy Rock & Roll {Remix) - Mylo
Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
Positive Tension - Bloc Party
I Turn My Camera On - Spoon
Flame Trees - Sarah Blasko
Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire
Hope There's Someone - Antony & The Johnsons
Silly Thing - Sophie Koh
Taste The Last Girl - Sons And Daughters

Selling like hot cakes
- The Age, January 5, 2006. An article on Richard Kingsmill & "Hottest 100".