Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shappi Khorsandi

Shappi Khorsandi
- Asylum Speaker, Sat 28, Hi Fi Bar.
A great story teller.
Hi Fi drinks prices will send you broke.

Jon Faine and Stella Young with Shappi Khorsandi and Andy Zaltzman - The Conversation Hour 774 ABC Melbourne

Shappi Khorsandi - Laughing at Terrorism: 10.4.2007. On SBS, describing her new show to Greg Muller.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sam Simmons

I saw this show the other day (Sam Simmons Space), had a good laugh. A very quirky show, although he does use power point, and some pic's have been seen before in emails. The picture is a bit messed up due to sitting in my pants for a few days. Also check out his webpage.

Also Sam is a guest on youth network JJJ for Top Shelf with Robbie Buck (rhyms with something doesn't it) Here's a couple of things to listen to...
The Precise History of: Soup
The Precise History of: Girls

Royal Saloon + Telecom + Polar Sounds

Royal Saloon(space) + Telecom(Space) + Polar Sounds(Space)
Ding Dong Thursday 19th April

Rock and Roll is where I hide, this was a fairly quiet event, guys outnumbered the girls. Maybe the lack of punters was due to the Comedy Festival. I think there was another band that played but it was on the list (any help leave a comment).

Royal Saloon - Disco Man
Royal Saloon - Cool to Cruise
Royal Saloon - Stan Cash (Edit)

You can find your whole album here for download.
Polar Sounds - Camcorder Song
Polar Sounds - She Didn't Know
Polar Sounds - Calling Out

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Renderers + Kes(solo) + Rowland S Howard

Renderers(NZ) + Kes(solo) + Rowland S Howard
The Tote, Thursday 12th April

I really enjoyed the Kes solo show, very laid back but went places, it sound like he was constructing songs on the spot. Rowland S Howard was very tight and very structured. I got distracted at the end when the Renderer's came on due to some very funny wanky talk but some b grade celebs out the back. The people at the show were very young and was surprised by this, expecting an older turn out.

renderers space
Rowland S Howard space
Kes Space

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lawrence Leunge

A bit of a sidestep to a band gig, but comedy fest is on, people stand up and entertain you, like a band.

Lawrence Leunge (Trades Hall, 10/04/07) show is more about finding what is cool, than breakdanceing.
Although the breakdancing part is very good. should of been more of this.
Although he did think the Fonz is cool, but the Fonz isn't.
1. The Fonz lives with old people.
2. The Fonz hangs out with children
3. The Fonz has an office in a mens toilet

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pixies, Jarvis Cocker, Phoenix, The New York Dolls

(This Map shows where I was standing, very fair removed from the action, Imagine how bad it would of been from the back. I would of paid to paid the extra to get up the front or not paid anything at all, and listend outside.)

Pixies, Jarvis Cocker(Space), Phoenix, + The New York Dolls
Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Wednesday April 4th.

Ney york dolls & Phoenix played for 45 minutes each, Jarvis Cocker played just under an hour, and the Pixies closed the show went for about 1 hour and & minutes.

The event felt like an all ages with a great mix of ages, and had all your typical punters from your off your tits to the more sober. Ney York Dolls kick off at 6pm, which confused the punters (who weren't there) and also didn't impress the band too much either.

Was also very impressed by phoenix and the people who went to see them, as I didn't think so many people new them, and this also led to some people sing along not so well.
Jarvis Cocker also was good, but don't think his songs are as strong as his time in Pulp, He also didn't do as much banter as his also gig.

Pixies did a solid performance with only one stop at the start to get rid of a big ball going across the stage, as the Pixies don't do beach balls, then they had a little banter trying to get back to the right part where they left off.

Due to where I was standing (See picture) I felt very removed from all of the performance, this is one of the main problems with these stadium shows, and it was like watching it all on TV.