Tuesday, December 26, 2006

NYE in Melbourne

NYE is overated, some bands that may tempted you.

Ding Dong – Tic Toc Tokyo (myspace) - 'Live Blue Neon' live on RRR. Melbourne Indie rock guitar band.

Click Click - Corner Kind & Lonsdale, with bands ...
Scientists of Modern Music (Tasmanian Electro Rock) - 'Technology Illiterate'
Young and Restless (Canberra Indie, Punk) - 'Satan'
Saint James (Indie Rock, like the Stones, Kings of leon etc) - 'Feelin' Lucky'
Little Red (Indie pop Rock, like the stones, frans, touch of 90's brit pop) - 'Waiting'

Espy – The Drones (Melbourne Rock Band, long and loud) - 'This Times' Live to air PBSfm 2005.

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