Saturday, April 29, 2006


Date: 2006-04-23

This was probably the best gig I've seen for this year. Sharon and the Dap-Kings had an energy that I've never seen before (especially Sharon), plus it was a rear opportunity to see a live real Soul Band. Pitty about the crowd there (well this were the people upfront) rude, smelly and arrogant.Putting the punters aside, i left feeling pretty good and not tired, as sometimes bands over play and play for too long.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Unstable Ape Showcase

Unstable Ape Showcase, The Evlyn 31/03/2006

The first real cold night in melbourne for a while and somehow manage to find a smokey pub with plenty of cool kids (not including me). A few clues to growing old, the average punter is younger than you and your too tired to stay to the last band(well I had to get up the next day to work. However I did manage to catch Kes and Sir. One was very Gary Newman like and the other a rock band with a lead singer who slowely lost his voice.

The Sampler CD was well worth the $8 entry fee. Featuring some great new talents like Bird Blobs, Love of Diagrams and Laura Jean. The Unstable Ape Website needs a little update with some old headlines and some mp3 downloads that dont work.


- Snap! Crakk! "It Makes Me Warm" from the album And The Sea Closed...
- Laura Jean "Our Swan Song" from the album Our Swan Song (Due Aug 05)
- Bird Blobs "Nothin' At All" from the album Bird Blobs
- Love of Diagrams can be heard at there myspace.