Monday, March 20, 2006

The Crustaceans

The Crustaceans at The Laundry. Friday 17 March 06 the laundry.

A balmy St Patricks night greeted us to the Laundries lounge like ground floor. Waiting for Sydney band the Crustaceans to come on for a free gig, with listened to there regular night call Geek Night.

The concept of a Geek night is strange, will you see guys with big glasses and bringing there Lan ready computers? I don’t think so. A DJ playing indie pop doesn’t constitute a Geek night does it? As Indie Pop has breached the main stream.

I was a strange atmosphere sitting in a lounge, drinking a brew and watching some guys on little stage playing right in front of you. I could have been at home watching them in a garage or something. This set the mood for the night, small crowd, with a small casual comfortable band. They probably didn’t reach they’re full potential or what I was expecting (but maybe that with most bands). They did play the Telecaster, my pick from there myspace, which is a solid indie pop song.

At the end of there set they dragged a few dazed people onto stage to play a range of rhythm instruments. It nearly happened to me, but I was a little bit confused or drunk to know what I was meant to do.

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