Friday, March 03, 2006

The Raveonettes + Riff Random

The Raveonettes + Riff Random, The HiFi, Wed 1/03/2006

Another hot day in Melbourne, always makes me think "Do I really want to go to a smelly sweaty hot venue, and feel uncomfortable?"

On arriving the HiFi was peaceful, no one was there, not its usual back, sweaty place. I thought that must be why tickets for one for two. But I tip my hat to the HiFi for doing A. E-tickets and B. for opening doors at 7.30. The Raveonettes came on at 10 and finished before 11.30. That’s a bonus because you can catch public transport home, and go to bed early.

After not wanting to go early to the Magic Numbers gig to avoid Riff Random, I then end up watching them at the HiFi, its simply carma. Riff Random was best described by my girlfriend as "The lead singer is like the one from the vines but shiter! but the drummer is good" Simply don't believe the hype - riff random (at the moment) aren’t the next best thing. A designer does not make you a cool band.

When the Raveonettes came on its was a pack HiFi is was used to no one was sitting down. Also the best place for air-condition (a fan) is up the back of the bottom level near the bar. It was one of those shows that started off slowly then they warmed up and got moving. Garage rock for the brain.


You can download a couple of tracks of the Raveonettes myspace.

Riff Random have "Shut Up and Dance" up on there website, one of there better songs.

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