Monday, August 28, 2006

Oh Boy

Johny Boy at the Hi Fi, Sunday 27 August

What's Happening with the Hi Fi bar, cant attrack the punters? Free tickets, cheap tickets, exspensive door prices... don't know.

Potentialy from what I've heard on there Myspace site and going by what some what sites and media are saying, for example "
Johnny Boy brings indie, hip-hop to the Xfm studios with some sophisticated dance thrown in for good measure." The evening just didn't do it for me, came in with no expectations went out with what was that 40 minutes of ...

Maybe it was the sound (so loud and muffled) or the disconected audience who just stood around, with the exception of a lone drunk dancer. Even some of the punters walk out, in full view of the band, don't they know that the hi fi is not a place you can walk out on, you have good view of the band and the band has good view of you.

One freind said it me it was like buying a junior burger, luls the hunger for a few minutes, but you want some more but its not a great burger. Was disapointed in many reasons, 35 bucks at the door, no beer on tap, only 40 minutes and punters who looked like they just couldnt give a toss.

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