Monday, February 20, 2006

C.W.Q at Manchester Lane

C.W.Q at Manchester Lane Thur Feb 16

A main act starting at 9pm, with a cover charge of $5, I must of travelled back in time to the 90's, but I soon came back to present day as the price of beer was high $4 for a pot draft. But with a swanky place like bennetts lane you'd probably be drinking some sort cocktail.

Originally I had seen there add in the street press, claiming "bring one shoe for dancing and one shoe for drinking" But how could I where there were tables cover the floor! Nice poster, felt it was a good representation of the bands sound, but whats with all the hats?

My girlfriend noted that they had a sound that reminded her of the Dave Matthews band. The band had about 5 people on stage playing some multilayered sounds, each instrument I could focus in on - maybe this was due to the great sound quality that night of the venue. Online they have a few mp3, my pick is Two shadows. There latest album is Old Trees & New Branches , you can purchase this through

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