Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A quick look at The Tote...

Mon 18/12/06 - A quick look at The Tote caught Spencer P Jones and Dynamo for $5. I came a bit late, nothing but dregs on that plate of snags.

Dynamo maybe described as a rock band with a horn section? Well that's what I thought.
Was fairly Aus, playing in the backyard of a pub, with a BBQ giving some greasy snag smell definitely added to this Aussie band party sounds.

On the flipside Spencer P Jones was another big band, but had more of a Rock Country twist.
If you've been to tote or haven't there like drop in the floor, like a pit, square in front of the stage. This was where Spencer P Jones and Band Played, kind of awkward for the punters with all the pilers around trying to get a good position, or this could be a good thing getting nice and right in your face.

Spencer P Jones - "Clementine" from 'Fait Accompli'


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