Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Cants, The hovercrafts & the Cheats

24 march at ding dong

The Ding Dong has probably lost a bit of its pretentiousness without having its guitar head taps at the bar. But the people were still there, especially tonight with its VB alive thing happening all over town, people taking photos of the punters, a bit to much like the clubbing part in beat and inpress.

The cheats probably have the biggest light show in Melbourne at the moment with instruments and amps covered in Christmas lights, as this was just for two guys. Without the lights they may of passed of as another two man outfit, but they were worth watching with some catching foot stompers.

The Hovercrafts played pop rock (quirky aus rock) that makes you want to dance. A band that I've been keen to see for a bit, however have always missed out. And some lucky girl had the classic 'today is your birthday performed exclusively for her.

The Cants (website is down) combining garage/beat, 70's/80's pop and punk, but something about them gives me hints of mud honey and the melvins, well maybe very tiny bits. My highlight was there super rendition of batman (from the adam west tv show, not prince's song). Find out more info on there record label Infidelity.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Crustaceans

The Crustaceans at The Laundry. Friday 17 March 06 the laundry.

A balmy St Patricks night greeted us to the Laundries lounge like ground floor. Waiting for Sydney band the Crustaceans to come on for a free gig, with listened to there regular night call Geek Night.

The concept of a Geek night is strange, will you see guys with big glasses and bringing there Lan ready computers? I don’t think so. A DJ playing indie pop doesn’t constitute a Geek night does it? As Indie Pop has breached the main stream.

I was a strange atmosphere sitting in a lounge, drinking a brew and watching some guys on little stage playing right in front of you. I could have been at home watching them in a garage or something. This set the mood for the night, small crowd, with a small casual comfortable band. They probably didn’t reach they’re full potential or what I was expecting (but maybe that with most bands). They did play the Telecaster, my pick from there myspace, which is a solid indie pop song.

At the end of there set they dragged a few dazed people onto stage to play a range of rhythm instruments. It nearly happened to me, but I was a little bit confused or drunk to know what I was meant to do.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Minimum Chips + Panel of Judges & New Estate

Minimum Chips + Panel of Judges & New Estate
Thursday 16 March 06
Manchester Lane

Being a Jazz venue Manchester Lane, I find other bands playing there feel a little bit awkward. Such was the nights bands that set the stage. These bands are probably more accustomed to playing in pub with no chair and tables.

New Estate was interesting with there sound sitting in some time warp with experimental guitar bands from the 80's/90's. Panel of Judges started to play with some sort of aragant taunts 'Get my a beer' which in turn some dude in the crowd yelled out "JUST PLAY!" But they really started rocking when they switched over with the female vocals. A little to much stopping and starting for my liking. Minimum Chips finished the night off with a slow experimental sound, kind of only just put together, somehow reminded me of Stereolab and France, the country.

An interesting line up on a night where so much stuff was going on, shame it was advertised as much as other gigs going on.

Minimum Chips has a ton of tracks on there website, this one is from the Sound Asleep CD ED, "Cold Afternoon".

Panel of Judges has a couples of tracks on there website, this one "faux park", taken from there 2004 ep.

Friday, March 10, 2006


ROSS IRWIN SOUL SPECIAL The Night Cat, Fitzroy. Sat 8th March

First set the dance floor had a bit of room to move, but later it got uncomfortably pack.
Maybe if you’re a fan of the cat empire then you’d probably really get into this. It seemed like all the last people to jump on the Cat Empire band wagon were there. But The Soul Special are different, making a fresh soul sound with heavy influences from 60’s and 70’s, and most of the time without a corny Aussie accent.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Raveonettes + Riff Random

The Raveonettes + Riff Random, The HiFi, Wed 1/03/2006

Another hot day in Melbourne, always makes me think "Do I really want to go to a smelly sweaty hot venue, and feel uncomfortable?"

On arriving the HiFi was peaceful, no one was there, not its usual back, sweaty place. I thought that must be why tickets for one for two. But I tip my hat to the HiFi for doing A. E-tickets and B. for opening doors at 7.30. The Raveonettes came on at 10 and finished before 11.30. That’s a bonus because you can catch public transport home, and go to bed early.

After not wanting to go early to the Magic Numbers gig to avoid Riff Random, I then end up watching them at the HiFi, its simply carma. Riff Random was best described by my girlfriend as "The lead singer is like the one from the vines but shiter! but the drummer is good" Simply don't believe the hype - riff random (at the moment) aren’t the next best thing. A designer does not make you a cool band.

When the Raveonettes came on its was a pack HiFi is was used to no one was sitting down. Also the best place for air-condition (a fan) is up the back of the bottom level near the bar. It was one of those shows that started off slowly then they warmed up and got moving. Garage rock for the brain.


You can download a couple of tracks of the Raveonettes myspace.

Riff Random have "Shut Up and Dance" up on there website, one of there better songs.


Here are some mp3 links to upcoming gigs in March.

The Small Knives, an acoustic duo, and going by there website have “renowned live shows”. Flashlight is a free mp3 that’s been recently posted on there website. Next gigs are at Empress Hotel, Fitzroy, Friday March 18 & Northcote Social Club, Saturday April 23 (with Clare Bowditch)

Jens Lekman is a Swedish pop musician and has been releasing albums and serval eps since 2003. You could scribed is music as guitar pop with the use of samples and string.
Hi work is often compared with the likes of Jonathan Richmond, Magnetic Fields and Morrissey. My fav track is the upbeat

He has released one album and several EPs since 2003. His music can be described as guitar based pop with heavy use of samples and strings, the lyrics are often witty, romantic and sad. His work is often compared to that by Stephin Merritt, Jonathan Richman, Morrissey and The Magnetic Fields.

My fav Track is “I don't know if shes worth 900 kr” from You Deserve Someone Better Than A Bum Like Me, May 2005 Aus Tour Ep. But don’t stop there as there are 3 complete eps to download. Appearing at the Northcote Social Club, March 11th.