Monday, March 31, 2008

My Disco + Fabulous Diamonds & kes(with band)

The Corner 22/3 MY DISCO!(space) (album launch) + Fabulous Diamonds & kes(with band). $10+BF.

Fabulous Diamonds

Fabulous Diamonds had some interesting instrumentals but I didn't care much for the singing, was a bit for the sake of singing trendy (that does that make sense).

Kes is always interesting to see, last time was at the Tote where he played a solo show, plenty of psych riffs to take you off this planet. With a band its the next level, plenty of layers and locals. There were even some more poppy tracks, which reminded me of where I first herd Kes on a Unstable Ape sampler (do they still exist?). Also if any one knows was he part of the Bird Blobs?

My Disco

Last time I saw My Disco was at the Arthouse with the likes of Envy, Brisk and Art Vandelay. which was a quite a different style of gig with more harder edge bands. I just can't pin My Disco down as they can fit anywhere. Sometimes they are Punk, Experimental Guitar, hints of Metal and even a whisper of Indie. What I like about this band is that the whole sound and performance is very hypnotic and addictive, proving that sometimes something so minimal can open new part of the imagination.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

April Gigs that may be of interest

Tue 1th
THE HAMPDENS (Residency) Tue 1, Tue 8, Tue 15 Northcote Social Club $12 7.30
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – SOLD OUT Tue 1 Palace Theatre (formerly Metro)
Wed 2nd
PAT DINIZIO (The Smithereens – USA) Wed 2 Corner
FITZROY XPRESS (WA) with Lee Morgan, Wed 2 East Brunswick $10+BF
Modest Moust & Hot Hot Heat, Wed 2 Palace Theatre (formerly Metro)
Thursday 3rd
THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING with The Red Tree, Thur 3 Northcote Social Club $10 at door only 8.30
Robyn Thu 3 Prince Band Room $25+BF
Jesus & Mary Chain, Thur 3 Palace Theatre (formerly Metro) $76.60+BF
ALEKS & THE RAMPS with RICHARD IN YOUR MIND (NSW) and The Ancients, Thur 3 East Brunswick $12 at the door
Friday 4th
CCS, Fri 4, Prince Band Room 8.30, $55+BF
Millencolin, Fri 4 Palace Theatre (formerly Metro) $49.50+BF on stage 11.30pm
CLINKERFIELD + THE IDLE HOES (joint album launch) Fri 4 Corner $12+BF
SNOG (EP launch) with Casionova and I Forget plus DJ Andrew Till, Fri 4 East Brunswick $13+BF
Saturday 5th
SOPHIE KOH (single launch) with The Basics and Tim Reid, Sat 5 Northcote Social Club $18
The Supporters (album launch) & Lightning Strikes + Swayback (SA) Sat 5 The Tote
HORSELL COMMON + Trial Kennedy + Goodnight Combat Fighter + Broadway Sat 5 Apr Corner $10+BF
MOSAIK (album launch) with Little Star and Renee Cassar, Sat 5 East Brunswick $10+BF
Sunday 6th
RUDELY INTERRUPTED Sun 6 Northcote Social Club, DOORS 12.30 $10 at door only
Melbourne City Mission Sunday Session: Black Pony Express, Tobias Cummings & The Long Way Home, Amys Theory, Ancient Free Gardeners and Horse Competition. Sun 6 The Tote
Tuesday 8th
Mountain Goats CANCELLED Tue 8 Billboards
Thursday 10th
The spoils, Thur 10, Bar Open
Friday 11th
‘African Explosion’ featuring special combined performance LAMINE SONKO, KING MARONG AND PAPE M’BAYE (two sets) (Percussionists), Fri 11 East Brunswick
music vs physics, Fri 11, Bar Open
A Sound Mind Fri 11 Billboards
EDDIE FLOYD (USA) with The Bamboos, DJs Pierre Baroni (PBS), Manchild (PBS) and Vince Peach (PBS) Fri 11 Prince Band Room $49.50+BF
Saturday 12th
casual projects, Sat 12, Bar Open
SPECTRUM (UK) (a.k.a. Sonic Boom, ex-Spacemen 3) with DIMMER (NZ) (Shayne Carter - Straitjacket Fits) and The Lovetones, Sat 12 Northcote Social club $25+BF
THE MESS HALL + The Scare + Gareth Liddiard (The Drones) Sat 12 Corner $20+BF
Yves Saint Klein (ep launch) and Aleks & The Ramps Sat 12 The Tote $10.
Sunday 13th
actor slash model, the great apes, potential falcon, Sun 13 Bar Open
Wednesday 16th
WEDDINGS PARTIES ANYTHING + Ron Hawkins (Canada) Wed 16, Thur 17, Fri 18 & Sat 19 Apr Corner $45+BF
MARTY WILLSON-PIPER (The Church) (album launch) Wed 16 Northcote Social Club $17+BF
Thursday 17th
Off Minor (USA), Straightjacket Nation, The Focus, thurs 17 Bar Open
Friday 18th
Henry Rollins(talking), Fri 18 & Sat 19, Comedy Theatre,
the band who knew too much, Fri 18 Bar Open
PNAU Fri 18 Billboards
DECLAN O’ROURKE (IRELAND) Fri 18, Northcote Social Club
Muscles Fri 18 Prince Band Room $25+BF
THE RAVEONETTES (denmark) Fri 18 The Hi-Fi $37.40+BF
GREY DATURAS (album launch) with Embers, Fri 18 East Brunswick 8.30 $10 at door only
Saturday 19th
SUPERSUCKERS (USA) Sat 19 East Brunswick $48 8.30
Wednesday 23
HARRY MANX (CANADA) Wed 23 Corner $39+BF
THE HOLY SEA (album launch) with Andrew McCubbin & The Hope Addicts and The Lazy Birds (ex Ammonia/Mars Bastards), Wed 23 Northcote Social Club $12 at the door only
Thursday 24th
Little Red Thu 24 $12+BF
EVEN (album launch) Thur 24 East Brunswick $17+BF
Sacred Cowboys Thur 24 Northcote Social club $17+BF
DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, Thu 24 Palace Theatre (formerly Metro) $69+BF
Friday 25th
Porcupine Tree, Fri 25, Palace Theatre(formally Metro)
SHAM 69 (UK) + Toe To Toe + Sin City + T.H.U.G. Fri 25 Apr Corner $44+BF
BumbleBeez Fri 25 Ding Dong

SPARKADIA (NSW) Fri 25 East Brunswick $15
Saturday 26th
‘PBS Screaming Symphony’ show presents LORD (NSW), CRIMSONFIRE, DIVINE ASCENSION, TEMPLATE and VAMPORA Sat 26 Corner Doors: 7.30pm
MACHINE TRANSLATIONS with Firekites (NSW) Sat 26 $18
THE STEMS (WA) with The Pink Fitz and The Tash Mints, Sat 26 Northcote Social Club $25+BF
Sunday 27th
Juliette & The Licks Sun 27 Prince Band Room $42.90+BF

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Aus & NZ acts at SXSW

Kate Bradley / The Goodbye Horses - Gold Body 2 (Rock) Brisbane

The Chevelles - Get It On (Rock) Perth

Cut Cop
- Lights & Music (Electronic) Melbourne

Rodney Fisher - Hold Me Close (Singer-Songwriter) Plymouth NZ

Ash Grunwald
- Give Signs (Blues) Torquay

Naked On The Vague - All Aboard (Punk/Experimental) Melbourne/Sydney Duo ???

Whitley - I Remember (Alt Country???) Melbourne

Die! Die! Die!
- Sideways Here We Come (rock) Dunedin NZ

Paul Kelly at SXSW

Just been going through some of the artists at that are playing at Austin Texas in the South by South West and Found this Paul Kelly tune (he's a singer songwriter from Melbourne if you didn't know). Would like to go to SXSW one day, you can always have dreams.

Paul Kelly - God Told Me To

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maximo Park + With Flamingo Crash

Maximo Park(space) + Flamingo Crash -
Bill board the venue, Wed 12/3, pots of draught $3.50

Flamingo Crash - It's Mystery Music!

Have never been to Bill Board the Venue, as was commented by a friend it looks like somewhere ‘Coolies’ would go to – Coolies were best described as people who try to be cool and also includes people who go to the gym. Other than dance club feel to the place it had fairly descent views, in front of the bar was a great one, and also two projection screens on the side.

Was quietly surprised by Flamingo Crash, didn’t really know what to expect. Plenty of guitar and keyboards with a upbeat sound, relaxing more towards the end. The lead singer was trying to do his best to warm up the crowd for the main and but felt a little annoying.

Did not know what to expect for the crowd for Maximo Park, didn’t know if its was going to be packed and quiet. But was tightly packed with cool kids and plenty of people from the UK. They didn’t really do it for me, but the crowd all seemed pretty into it. For me they just didn’t have the x factor that hooks you in to there music, although they’re single Apply Some Pressure is a great song and a stand on the night.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jay Reatard

Jay Reatard(space) + Digger & The Pussycats & Cut Sick & The Focus & UV Race(YouTube)
The Tote, Mon 10/3/08, $27

A laid back labour day saw myself and a friend check out some acts at the Tote. I was expect it to be hot and sweaty but luckily it wasn’t too bad due to the cool breeze.

Out of the line up I managed to catch the Focus, Digger & The Pussycats and the headliner Jay Reatard. Didn’t mind the focus, sounded like something between a pacey punk band with a touch of indie sounds. Digger & The Pussycats are a two piece with one on guitar and the other standing up playing a drum kit. From what they said they’ll be finishing up soon, my mate said it may be due to moving and the rock n roll lifestyle taking its toll on the band.

I hadn’t heard much about Jay Reatard, so I didn’t really have any expectation. Only really had heard a little that they were featured on RRR radio or PBS as ‘Blood Visions’ has recently been released in Australia. They came across to me being really fresh and tight, reminding me of punk back in the early nighties. They had a great stage presence with there big hair and also (I didn’t see this, but was brought up by my mate) they kept spitting on the crowd.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Thu 6 Mar Doors
$38+BF The Corner

As the sands of the hour glass slip away, post can somehow get forgotten. I've seen a few gigs and updating can sometimes feel like a choir.

One more gig to post after this one.

From what I remember they're was a mix of young and old. Some people didn't know what to expect and some people must of been on some good drugs as they were bonkers with whatever nuts they were fed.

I was going to have a picture of a chair but am slack. At least I posted something.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Buffalo Tom

Buffalo Tom(space), Even & Telecom
Hi Fi, Fri 7 Mar, Can of Toohey's New $5.00

On Friday there were a fair few gig’s happening, this night there was a sold out gig down the road with Ween. Maybe this was due to all these side shows for the Golden Plains music festival. I’ve seen Telecom before but they sounded very fresh, and reminded me of You Am I. I didn’t catch even as I spent this time consoling a mate who couldn’t get a ticket to see Ween. When coming back there were stacks of blokes (plenty with bald heads) with some with there girlfriends. The first half of the Gig Buffalo Tom played classics, such as ‘Wiser’ and the second half of the Gig they played new stuff. They have some great songs but sometimes felt they are a band who have toured a lot and are going through motions.

Even - I am the light(.m4a)

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Broken Social Scene, Guests: Belles Will Ring

Sold out gig at the Corner, Doors: 8pm, $38

Didn't get to see Belles Will Ring, so wont say anything. The gig was early, With Broken Social Scene starting to play around 10.15pm. They started off with a nice instrumental, played a few tracks that I like off there album 'We hate your hate'(I think thats what it's called. But over all was a little bored. I guess have seen some awesome gigs recently you get spoilt and something that average becomes below average. The cool kids seem to enjoy it, people there seemed to be in there mid 20's some older types as well. Although the gig was a little disappointing I really dig there artwork.

I've linked the Arts and Crafts website, as there own is for members only, what with that.