Saturday, December 30, 2006


Ding Dong
Friday 29th December

I always crap on about what I don't like about Ding Dong, but I have seen some great bands play there. It can be an intimit venue, get close to the band. Did miss out on the Fearless Vampire Killers but going by there Myspace some great Phycodelic rock tunes.

Often I go to places and get the Invisible man treatment, what this well you could be standing by yourself, not causing any trouble and all of a sudden some trendy looking guy with his modern hair comes over and stands in front with his other freinds, then start entering your space with wailing hands, and posible spilige of beverages. Then you check the next band to realise that the wankers standing in front of you are playing, and there not too bad.

Then What was with the lead singers from the Treetops hair, he looks like he should be playing robin hood. Treetops had a keyboard player, I thought that they said that the guitarist was at the falls festival?

Highlight was The Rumours, play a tight performance, not to much stop/start or talking, sweet pop tunes.

Hey to that sweet girl sitting next to me for a few of bands(she'll never need this, but who the frack does), sometimes I never have the guts to talk to strange girls.

Treetops Myspace
Hovercrafts Myspace
The Rumours
The Fearless Vampire Killers - I missed out on this band, next time

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