Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crystal Thomas

Crystal Thomas & the Flowers of Evil (myspace)

Taken at Yah Yah's on the 25/1/2010, $10 (I think)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Candice Monique & The Optics

Backlash Brew

The Espy, 16/1/2010, Free Pots of Carlton Draught $4.80 (Total Rip off)

I know that The Espy has this big history of gigs and people love it, but I don't, not a fan, expensive drinks and this weird vibe. I'm always on edge when I go there, and even to St Kilda. The Espy attracts a wide cross spectrum of society, more than any other pubs, you can find locals, UK backpackers, International Tourists, and people from outer suburbs here.

Thumps up for Candice Monique & The Optics, thumbs down for Backlash Brew, for taking so long to take to the stage and do some tuning mid songs. Didn't manage to Speech De Belle, but was told that she found Backlash Brew playlist on stage and said who's is this, and threw it away.

The Tote - Last Days

The Tote, Sunday 17th of January 2010

Neko Case then Shunda K

Shunda at Eurotrash

Friday 15th January

The night started off at the Hi Fi for the Neko Case gig (the second show, the first was on Thursday). at $55 it was a good price for an international gig. Biggest complaint about the Hi Fi is that it's way too hot, I know the gig was full (sold out) but still every time I've been there, summer or winter the place is way too warm. Neko Case is a great performer, great harmonies and band. The sound was great, I could hear everything, even the pluck of the banjo and slide guitar. At the end of the gig she did a Heart cover Magic Man, and I did feel like yelling out 'now play barracuda'. Melbourne Bitter stubbies were $6.50.
Middle Cyclone

Then we got to Eurotrash at around 12.15 to see Shunda K from Yo Majesty. This was my first time to see a gig here, it was a little strange walking up the sound proofed stairwell. Shunda played with a backing track but was very quick with her lyrics and could hardly tell when she was talking a break in between the rapping. Also the crowd for fairly young, with most of the crowd made up of Anglo Saxon Australians. When Shunda finished the placed went down hill, some spaced out guys on the dance floor and a quick getaway was required. It was well worth the $15.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yes I’ve read the press release and it’s closing this weekend. Last drinks anyone?