Thursday, June 26, 2008

Say Goodbye to Computers

Viva Computer
- They Tried to Put a Mark on Me

Coming out of Hobart in Tasmania Viva computer are playing a few gigs around Melbourne town this weekend. The above track 'They Tried to Put a Mark on Me' is taken from there debut album and you can download it for free, follow the links on there myspace page. As you can probably hear they are very much inspired by Sonic Youth and Animal collective.

If you're in Melbourne Town this weekend you can catch them at...
1. Friday 27th June at The TOTE with Ninetynine, Hand Hell and Little Pictures (NZ) 9pm doors open.
2. Saturday 28th June at The Empress Hotel w/ Popolice and Peter Escott Melbourne, Victoria. Doors open 9pm.
3. Sunday 29th June at Pony 2am Show, or You could say 2am Saturday Night
4. Sunday 29th June at Pure Pop Records Instore at 3pm.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Euphonicly Evolved

This free mp3 from Sydney based Euphonic has probably been floating around the net since may so it's probably old news(I've been going through a emails from another music venture, still having trouble with my email address for this site), if you like a catchy rock theme tunes with some riff's check it out. When I first herd it, 'Headspace' reminded me of the Vines track Highly Evolved, but don't let that stop you as they are influenced by a wide range of acts including Pixies, Teenage Fanclub, Swervedriver, Pavement, The breeders, Mudhoney and Lemonheads.

Also there playing at the Espy in St Kilda on the 17 July.

Euphonic - Headspace

Euphonic Space

The Great Apes at the Tote

The Great Apes Sat 7th June 08 at The Tote front bar, residency gig.

While in Collingwood, I wondered down to the Tote to see what residency gig was happening and it was the Great Apes(Melbourne based). They had a good turn up, most seem to be friends/family and other music loving types. I've seen some very lonely residency at the Tote, but sometimes certain sounds are not for everyone. To my surprise they were very professional to be playing in a front bar but suited a lazy Saturday afternoon with some psychedelia and 60's garage inspired tunes. Also going by there myspace they're influenced by 13th Floor Elevators, Ween, B52s, Spacemen 3, Stooges, Sonic Youth, David Bowie and Velvet Underground. Catch them at the Tote this Saturday 28th June from 5pm for the last of there months residency.

The Great Apes - L8-night nympho-mercials

You can find more tunes here at the JJJ unearthed website.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


(this was only at the start when Pikelet was playing, for Kimya it was packed)

Saw the Kimya gig on Tuesday night (17/6/8), it was at the Northcote Uniting Church Hall, which was an interesting setting. I really enjoyed supports Pikelet and Angelo Spencer, whom I both really enjoyed. Didn't expect much from Angelo, but he had some great indie energy. Kimya was OK, was a little bored at the end and thought she may of played a little too many kids songs in Middle. The crowed were really into it and all were very quiet, but no for the support.

Kimya Dawson - i like giants

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cherry Bar Burns

A few days old but was shocked to wake up to here one of my favorite bars Cherry Bar, has been gutted by fire (along with other offices in the same building including Jamie Oliver offices). This is a bit of a shame since the bar has recently reopened after being shut for a month with license issues. Was looking forward to going back there for soul night and Fridays, but unfortunately this wont happen for a while. Hopefully the place wont be torn down to create the latest apartment block and will open sometime again in the future.

Check out the full story here.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


PBS Radio festival is finishing tonight, but you can still go into the draw for all the prizes - The prize draw is on Thursday, 3 July at 5.30pm.

It's a good station that caters for so many different music tastes its amazing. Also there website,, has streaming and radio on demand (I think for about 3 or 6 months).