Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dead Frenchmen

Something I found at Kinko's some time ago, left in a photocopier. Have a look at Dead Frenchmen, they also have two mp3 Ghosts take over and sleep of reason on there site. Also Timberyard Records has a track called Tokyo on there site. (Updated 12/11/05)

Soul Contention

I said to these friends of mine "do you want to see a soul band play", but they just said “they’ll probably only play funk”. Soul Contention Featured three odd looking guys horns, a rhythm section and three fantastic singers. One of the singers had a great old northern soul voice. They definitely didn’t play a funk soul mix. They played more of your well known soul songs (don’t get me wrong I like pop), but it would have been great to hear some other soul material, maybe they could of played Gloria Jones Tainted Love.
They were tight and probably the closest I will ever get to see a soul band from the 60’s.