Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Cants, The hovercrafts & the Cheats

24 march at ding dong

The Ding Dong has probably lost a bit of its pretentiousness without having its guitar head taps at the bar. But the people were still there, especially tonight with its VB alive thing happening all over town, people taking photos of the punters, a bit to much like the clubbing part in beat and inpress.

The cheats probably have the biggest light show in Melbourne at the moment with instruments and amps covered in Christmas lights, as this was just for two guys. Without the lights they may of passed of as another two man outfit, but they were worth watching with some catching foot stompers.

The Hovercrafts played pop rock (quirky aus rock) that makes you want to dance. A band that I've been keen to see for a bit, however have always missed out. And some lucky girl had the classic 'today is your birthday performed exclusively for her.

The Cants (website is down) combining garage/beat, 70's/80's pop and punk, but something about them gives me hints of mud honey and the melvins, well maybe very tiny bits. My highlight was there super rendition of batman (from the adam west tv show, not prince's song). Find out more info on there record label Infidelity.

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