Thursday, January 31, 2008

Arcade Fire + Spoon at the Forum

Arcade Fire + Spoon at the Forum, tickets $80(from a friend), cans of VB $6.50.

Was a magical night at the Forum(if you haven’t seen a gig there then do, as it’s a beautiful old fashion theatre) with Spoon and the headlining act Arcade Fire.

Spoon from Austin, Texas are hard workers on stage, this time they had a four piece brass section for a few songs at the start and end. This was the third time to see them, but they didn’t quite rock out as before. Which is probably a good thing as it shows the band developing and progressing with its music.

It’s amazing to think that so many kids are into Arcade Fire as I consider they albums to be more albums that you listen to as a whole rather than singles, as I arrogantly believe all kids like is singles. Arcade Fire from Montreal, Canada sounds fn amazing at the forum with about 10 people in the line up(correct me if I’m wrong). It was amazing how coordinated they were with there music, lighting and video. They played a good mix of both the Neon Bible and Funeral(which is my favourite of the two). My mind is still boggled by how well the show sounded and how they just flow with eat other, with hardly any stops they kept on playing.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hottest 100 Results are in!

Hottest 100 happened on Aus Day, and if your too lazy to look at the JJJ website here it is (well only the top ten).

1 Muse - Knights of Cydonia
2 Silverchair - Straight Lines
3 Kings Of Leon - On Call
4 John Butler Trio - Better Than
5 Faker - This Heart Attack
6 Foo Fighters - The Pretender
7 Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (live)
8 Cold War - Kids Hang Me Up To Dry
9 Soko - I'll Kill Her
10 Panics, The - Don't Fight It

As you can see with my selection (look here) I am not in touch with the Youth of today. Also I picked MIA and The Wombats but with different songs, can I count that one?. M.I.A came in at 17 with Paper – Planes(which is a killer track) and The Wombats came in at 12 with Let's Dance To Joy Division(which in my belief is not there strongest track, Moving to NY is!)

Some News that may be old

The age reported here about Paul Kelly free download giveaway free songs to registered users only, of his website. These are live tracks from his “A to Z" concerts available every month, where Paul sang song’s in Alphabetical order. I think I may of read this somewhere else first off.

Sticky Carpet in the Age reports that the Rainbow new publican brothers Chris and Cameron Strachan have taken over the lease and plan to continue to run the venue.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

THE NATIONAL + Gaslight Radio

THE NATIONAL (USA)11:10pm – 12:30am + Gaslight Radio(fan site)(space) 10pm & Ned Collette Band(space)which I didn't see) 9pm
The Corner SOLD OUT! Sat 19 Jan. $35+BF

This is a quick one before I even forget to enter this gig. Most things I rate from Bad to Ok to Good to Excellent. Now Ok is my medium, so when I say to someone that gig was Ok its just medium level and some people don’t understand this. From what I’ve heard of the National they are fairly mellow but on stage they seemed to crank it up a notch. I really got into the harmonies and use of violin and brass instruments. For a sold out gig it was good, I’d probably not see them again but for a fairly relaxed acted there are some crazy people there who just wanted to go off there head like they were seeing a punk band. I don’t get it.

Also I did catch the last couple of songs from
Gaslight Radio and did enjoy it.

Slipping Husband

Monday, January 14, 2008

Devil's Kitchen 2008

I was expecting Devil's Kitchen to have bands inside Cherry(which they did) and outside in the lane which they didn't, which was a little disappointing. But was probably a good idea as someone fell down or had a fight and they ambo's were sent in, then later on the Fuzz came to stop our outside drinking, which meant no access to the BBQ.

Above Ancient Man(I think), Melbourne based. Remind me of some early 90's rock/grunge. They are influenced by the likes of Kyuss, Refused and QOTSA.

Ancient Man - Air

Above Ahkmed.
A very captivating three peice, mainly instrumental, with hints of Pink Floyd and Mud Honey.

Ahkmed - Ilanesia

Old New

Found this in Herald Sun, Tues 6/11/07 talking about what a great future location this is. I know the Tote wont be around for to long now, but what the fuck will they do with it, maybe some ultra cool frapachino sucking place.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Andrew Bird & Martin Dosh

Andrew Bird and Martin Dosh
The Corner, 11/1/08. Ticket $40.

Was a magical night. Martin Dosh played some solo work, which was layer over layer of samples some of which he created on the spot and some not. A little hard to see the man at work as he was sitting down for his performance. I think it went for about 40 minutes in total.

Martin Dosh - Hi Dive

I felt very special to see this performance, played quite a few tracks from his latest album Armchair Apocrypha, the live sound was very unique compare to the Album but no so distant you couldn't recognize it.

Andrew Bird - fiery crash(live)

Friday, January 04, 2008

JJJ Hotest 100 2007

My votes for this years Triple J's Hotest 100 (although I hardly ever listen to this station anymore, don't know why I still do it).
In no order
!!! - Heart Of Hearts
Andrew Bird - Heretics
Of Montreal - Like A Promethean Curse
Battles - Atlas
Blonde Redhead - 23
Cut Off Your Hands - Oh Girl
M.I.A - Bird Flu
Malcolm Middleton - A Brighter Beat
Studio - Self Service
Wombats, The - Moving To New York

This post is how I voted in 2006.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


THE PIPETTES with LITTLE RED and The Motifs, Wednesday 2nd Jan 2008, at the East Brunswick, $39.50, Potts of Draught $3.60.

I didn't see The Mofits, as I arrived past 9.Didn't know what to expect about Little Red, other than there Coca cola song, but they turn out to be this blues, rock and even a touch of R and B group. Had a big presence on stage and look forward to seeing them again. But they are best describe as per there myspace description 'Garage rock with harmonies'.

LITTLE RED - Coca-Cola
LITTLE RED - Waiting
LITTLE RED - Anytime

The Pipettes came on nice and early, was it after 10.30 or maybe 10.45. It took me a little while to warm to them, at the start I thought they didn't sound as big as there CD, but half way through it really got going. There was some great coordinated dancing on stage and some poka dotted dresses were a plus. Highlights were 'Judy', 'Dirty Mind', 'Pull Shapes' and 'Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me'.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles and GameBoy/GameGirl at Click Click, 23/12/07

I've complained about this place click click before, but can't find the post, but this place is full of kids and acts are never on stage for that long. Which was the case for this night, but with the exception for the kids as they weren't that bad at all this time.

I think from what I recall GameBoy/GameGirl only had about 20 minutes on stage, but they did do a non stop show, although maybe a little bit of polishing wouldn't go astray to the act. I really like what I've heard, and didn't think it was equal or better on stage, if that makes any sense.

GameBoy/GameGirl - Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp

When Crystal Castles finally came on stage the place was packed and all the kids were going nuts. Although they only played for 30 minutes (it was about $25 or about that to see them) it was non stop, with the exception of the swig of some liquid. I was really pleased they played so hard but left wanting more. To me this sound of electronics, a drumkit, and live vocals is the sound of the future (although when I think about it many other band have done this, but they sound so fresh). Song highlights included 'Alice Practice' and 'Crime wave'.