Monday, October 22, 2007

Cat Call at Roxanne

Cat Call (Kathryn and Sleater Brockman out of Sydney)
at Roxanne 19/10/07

Went to this place maybe around 8.30 ish not open. So my mate and I then decided to get some Dumpling action in a near by restaurant in china town (well Roxanne is in China Town). We're were pretty keen to see Cat Call (Kathryn) in action, I have greatly enjoyed her demo CD she sent me via here myspace website site thingy. While sitting there in this dead place, we had the pleasure in watching both Death Proof and Planet terror in silent, great visuals.Yes Roxanne was dead, will this trendy place survive? It's the type of place the cool kids will go to make out and sell there trendy drugs. Cat Call was very excited and energetic on stage, coming out at 1pm. I didn't know any of the tracks, but maybe this was my sleepy head kicking in. The show was plenty of backing tracks with singing of the top. I've seen peaches do this at a Big Day Out back in 2004, but she had visuals and even more energy on stage, maybe it would be interesting to see Cat Call head this way, time will only tell.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Tote Documentary

I should be sleeping.
I heard this old rock venue may be purchased by the same people who turned the punters into a pizza restaurant. This was from 2006. Don't know what is happening with this now.
Things cant always stay the same.

Music festival adds

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Saturday Ngiht at the Evelyn

The Evelyn 6 Oct 2007 $15
Outrun + The Phillips Sisters + The Young And Restless

I really went to this gig to see the first act Outrun. You can put them into the whole Aussie Electronic box along with Cut Copy, The Presets and Midnight Juggernaut's, but don't let that stop you, they are very underrated (like Studio have you herd of them) and very fresh. Had me thinking of Sheffield acts in the late 70's - early 80's, maybe New Order and Human league. Can't wait to have in my hot hands there album when its released.

I thought The Phillips Sisters were a little loud a cocky, very glammed up with a lead singer in tight spandex pants, had a few crazy dancers at the start. I was a little bit bored with there antics and decided to get some pizza.

Young & Restless are probably more Rock/Punk, rather than Indie/Rock. They were really loud and very excited had a great stage presence, not to up themselfs.

Young & Restless - Satan

Luke Whitby - Was it a cat I saw

I saw this last week sometime. Very wordy, Nerdy, a show about words, with a focus on Palindromes and Anagrams. A little bit autobiographical (before stand up comedy he did the whole spoken poetry) and his love for Heavy Metal Music (there's the music tie in). An example from the reverse of the flyer for an Anagram was "Paris Hilton-The Simple Life is an Anagram of A little Ho is Pimpin' Herself?" There were some slow bits and some absolute piss funny stuff.

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Friday Night at the Tote

The Tote Fri 5/10/07 "Freaky Fuzz" with The Night Terrors, Mushroom Giant, Spider Goat Canyon & Ahkmed. $10

Walking into this gig was a little of the case of spot the girl. Yep plenty of guys, hair, in a small room, listening to some fuzzy rock. I have to admit I was a total piker at this gig and could only make it past the first two bands.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was Ahkmed(from Melbourne town) who I saw play first, made some great sounds, mostly instrumental, which reminded me of Melvins, but you can hear other influences coming through such as Kyuss, Mogwai, and Spacemen 3. Ahkmed really flew along and hardly stoped to take a breath.

Ahkmed - Ilanesia

The second and last one I saw was Spider Goat Canyon, maybe I was a little tired from a hard days work, or maybe I lost interest. They didn't have the same energy as Ahmed, which lost me, and talked a bit too much between each song, but this all could be exaggerated due to being tired.

Then again listening to some of there stuff on line I could have them mixed up, but they both sound equally as good from what I've listened to..... Oh why oh why didn't i copy/photo the time of when they started.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Green Room is now the Night Owl

Recently walking down Elizabeth Street in Melbourne CBD, I saw this change, no longer does the Green Room(well it was closed down some time ago) exist, in it's place is the Night Owl Bar.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Big Day Out 2008 - Bands

This is for Melbourne Big Day Out 2008't you hate the .com it should be
Also find out more info from the press release

Line up for the Big Day Out in Melbourne (well whats been announced, view the website on the 7/10/07)