Saturday, December 30, 2006


Ding Dong
Friday 29th December

I always crap on about what I don't like about Ding Dong, but I have seen some great bands play there. It can be an intimit venue, get close to the band. Did miss out on the Fearless Vampire Killers but going by there Myspace some great Phycodelic rock tunes.

Often I go to places and get the Invisible man treatment, what this well you could be standing by yourself, not causing any trouble and all of a sudden some trendy looking guy with his modern hair comes over and stands in front with his other freinds, then start entering your space with wailing hands, and posible spilige of beverages. Then you check the next band to realise that the wankers standing in front of you are playing, and there not too bad.

Then What was with the lead singers from the Treetops hair, he looks like he should be playing robin hood. Treetops had a keyboard player, I thought that they said that the guitarist was at the falls festival?

Highlight was The Rumours, play a tight performance, not to much stop/start or talking, sweet pop tunes.

Hey to that sweet girl sitting next to me for a few of bands(she'll never need this, but who the frack does), sometimes I never have the guts to talk to strange girls.

Treetops Myspace
Hovercrafts Myspace
The Rumours
The Fearless Vampire Killers - I missed out on this band, next time

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

NYE in Melbourne

NYE is overated, some bands that may tempted you.

Ding Dong – Tic Toc Tokyo (myspace) - 'Live Blue Neon' live on RRR. Melbourne Indie rock guitar band.

Click Click - Corner Kind & Lonsdale, with bands ...
Scientists of Modern Music (Tasmanian Electro Rock) - 'Technology Illiterate'
Young and Restless (Canberra Indie, Punk) - 'Satan'
Saint James (Indie Rock, like the Stones, Kings of leon etc) - 'Feelin' Lucky'
Little Red (Indie pop Rock, like the stones, frans, touch of 90's brit pop) - 'Waiting'

Espy – The Drones (Melbourne Rock Band, long and loud) - 'This Times' Live to air PBSfm 2005.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A quick look at The Tote...

Mon 18/12/06 - A quick look at The Tote caught Spencer P Jones and Dynamo for $5. I came a bit late, nothing but dregs on that plate of snags.

Dynamo maybe described as a rock band with a horn section? Well that's what I thought.
Was fairly Aus, playing in the backyard of a pub, with a BBQ giving some greasy snag smell definitely added to this Aussie band party sounds.

On the flipside Spencer P Jones was another big band, but had more of a Rock Country twist.
If you've been to tote or haven't there like drop in the floor, like a pit, square in front of the stage. This was where Spencer P Jones and Band Played, kind of awkward for the punters with all the pilers around trying to get a good position, or this could be a good thing getting nice and right in your face.

Spencer P Jones - "Clementine" from 'Fait Accompli'

Hazel Brwon at the Evelyn

A nice Sunday night saw some child out sounds. The Evelyn got steadly packed, which I was amazed as it was a Sunday. Great for Aussie acts.

Hazel Brown - 'Calligraphy' from Rivers & Veins. A song which is very catchy. She had a great full peice band, with a double base. You could make comparisons to Fiona Apple and Clare Bowditch. (myspace)

Sarrah Callender also played and another guy(please leave a msg if you know who he is, must take a note pad) at the start, both playing by themself.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The New Pornographers at the Prince

The New Pornographers at the Prince

Came in just as those weedy kids (tight black jeans they're all the craze) had finished (was it the Crayon Fields) - comments 'better than last time... Could loose a Band member...'.

What another Solid gig, pop sensation, made me walk out of there with a huge smile. My mate whom I went with (as well as my X who I miss) got a compliment by a drunk on the way out 'I can tell you saw the New Pornographers'. It was fantastic big band well 7, crowd wasnt to bad either for a Tuesday night, tight and snapy sounds, lets dance the night away.

“Twin Cinema” from ‘Twin Cinema’

Web The New Pornographers

Crayon Fields MySpace

Crayon Fields "Lovely Time" from a demo

The New Pornographers - All For Swinging You Around

Monday, December 11, 2006


Midlake + Art of Fighting, The Corner, 10th December 2006

I strolled into the Corner about half way through Art of fighting's set, some friends claim they are slow and borring, but I claim easygoing and picturesque.

Midlake (who I still think its funny they are from Texas) played a tight set, plenty of moving pictures behind them, recreating tracks sucessfully from there albums. Punters were young and old, maybe a few more girls than guys. Some people did walk out straight after they'd Played Rosco, which was a little sad, so much more to give.

Midlake "Balloon Maker" from there Bamnan and Slivercork album, myspace

Art of Fighting myspace