Sunday, March 19, 2006

Minimum Chips + Panel of Judges & New Estate

Minimum Chips + Panel of Judges & New Estate
Thursday 16 March 06
Manchester Lane

Being a Jazz venue Manchester Lane, I find other bands playing there feel a little bit awkward. Such was the nights bands that set the stage. These bands are probably more accustomed to playing in pub with no chair and tables.

New Estate was interesting with there sound sitting in some time warp with experimental guitar bands from the 80's/90's. Panel of Judges started to play with some sort of aragant taunts 'Get my a beer' which in turn some dude in the crowd yelled out "JUST PLAY!" But they really started rocking when they switched over with the female vocals. A little to much stopping and starting for my liking. Minimum Chips finished the night off with a slow experimental sound, kind of only just put together, somehow reminded me of Stereolab and France, the country.

An interesting line up on a night where so much stuff was going on, shame it was advertised as much as other gigs going on.

Minimum Chips has a ton of tracks on there website, this one is from the Sound Asleep CD ED, "Cold Afternoon".

Panel of Judges has a couples of tracks on there website, this one "faux park", taken from there 2004 ep.

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