Monday, February 20, 2006

C.W.Q at Manchester Lane

C.W.Q at Manchester Lane Thur Feb 16

A main act starting at 9pm, with a cover charge of $5, I must of travelled back in time to the 90's, but I soon came back to present day as the price of beer was high $4 for a pot draft. But with a swanky place like bennetts lane you'd probably be drinking some sort cocktail.

Originally I had seen there add in the street press, claiming "bring one shoe for dancing and one shoe for drinking" But how could I where there were tables cover the floor! Nice poster, felt it was a good representation of the bands sound, but whats with all the hats?

My girlfriend noted that they had a sound that reminded her of the Dave Matthews band. The band had about 5 people on stage playing some multilayered sounds, each instrument I could focus in on - maybe this was due to the great sound quality that night of the venue. Online they have a few mp3, my pick is Two shadows. There latest album is Old Trees & New Branches , you can purchase this through

Sunday, February 19, 2006

New event

Don't know if this will take off ... Children of the night a week long of live Music, with bands like Wolf and Cub, Damn Arms, Midnight Juggernauts, Bit By Bats, Cut Copy DJs, My Disco, Temper Temper, Van She, Ajax, Baby Take A Bow. To be held at the Chinese Theatre - behind the Forum on Russell street and free entry ?!?!?!?!. Being held between Feb 24 - March 3, doors opening at 9pm.

I'm probably more interested in what the Chinese Theatre looks like. By looking at the website its been back by some sponsers, hopefuly they dont make it a lame night out and keep it fresh.

Noise city news
Also I' m working on a news website - focusing on Melb music - sending things from my work email, but now they have blocked frozen its account as they think I'm a spammer.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Deerhoof + Calvin Johnson & the crayon feilds

E2E4, North Melbourne, Sunday 12/02/2006

Found a very small add for this gig under a larger add for the main act, Deerhoof.

This was set in warehouse (E2E4), which now is a bar, artist space, studio, come outside indoor place, which should have the roof open, due to the heat the was being generated by people and weather. Nice stencils and street art going up the stairs.

My highlight for this little show case was the crayon fields, fiiting into that whole indie/pop/guys in a band thing thats been around for a while. Good people for sitting still and not dancing(not that dancing is a bad thing - read on further).

Then came Calvin Johnson, didn’t get me going, but the crowd seemed focused on his performance. On a add for his album in inpress it has a quote from the age “As far as indie heroes go, they don’t come more heroic as Calvin Johnson” which kind of confuses me as it didn’t happen for me today.

Missed the next band, maybe there wasn’t even one as I found some food down the road in North Melbourne. Deerhoof came on with there distinct instrumental sound with a peppering of vocals, but what everyone standing up, I can’t see!!! No stage?!?!?! Don’t understand Deerhoof’s website, they have mp3’s to sample but to me it doesn’t look as straight forward as other sites.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers, + Youth group & Riff Random
The Corner, Wed 1st Feb

The Magic Numbers played there sideshow, after playing at the Melbourne Big Day Out. The Corner was packed and instead of smelling of smoke, it was more like sweat and beer.

I didn't get there untill Youth Group were on. Call me a wanker or snob, whatever, I simply don't care for
Riff Random. Youth Group's lead singer Toby sang like he was making sex to the mike, but just could't make it. Last time I saw Youth Group was at a gig in 2004 at Ding Dong, where then they just seemed to rock out more.

Migac Numbers are from London, but have a sound that could fit very comfortably in the states. They have a experimental sound and melodic, like such other artists as the flaming lips and from the 60's a touch of the Mamas and Papas.

The two girls had very beutiful voices, Michele soft and Angela ever so sexy and sweet. Also was very pleased to find out that they weren't not pretentious gits. They did an interesting cover of Crazy in Love and finished it off with one of the longest ever outro's I have heard in a while.