Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2 am Lockout on YT

Sean Bedlam talks about the 2 am lock out.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dragonfly Records to Close

I heard word on the streets the other day that Dragonfly records is closing and it is. I spoke to a guy behind the counter and he advised me that they've got less than 2 months depending on stock. Most CD's are slightly discounted from regular price, I snaped up some world beaters comps for $10 each reduced from $15. It's kind of a shame to loose another small discount CD shop, other the years I did manage to get some long forgotten and great compilation CDs (Tamla Motown was a highlight).

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I bumped into Vince Prince of PBSfm Soul Time fame who does the soul nite at Cherry, and confirmed that Cherry is back and running, and is a little quiet due to the four weeks while it was closed. I'm pumped as for me the best Soul Night in Melbourne, get behind it this Thursday and hopefully every Thursday for a long time to come.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some what interesting gigs

This is really just to remind of interesting gigs coming up, and for you out there, Beryl.

Red Ink Rock Fri 30 May Doors 8pm $12 Ding Dong
Electric Mary Wed 4th June Doors 8pm $8 Ding Dong
VHS OR BETA (usa) - 2 for 1 offer Wed 4 June 7:30 Hi Fi
Wellyn (album launch) with Silver City Highway and Shade of March (solo) Fri 6 Jun 8.30 $10+BF Northcote Social Club (mp3’s on Wellyn’s website)
Blueline medic.com with Red Jezebel (WA) & Jack on Fire Sat 7 Jun 8.30 $10+bf Northcote Social Club
Braindead Lovers Fri 13th June 8pm $10 Ding Dong
The Bamboos feat. Kylie Auldist Sat 14 Jun Doors: 8:30pm $18+BF The Corner
Spun Rrivals Sat 14 Jun 8.30 $10+BF East Brunswick Club
The Black Keys Thur 19th June 08 8m $59.50 The Palace (formally the Metro)
Mary Trembles (QLD) Fri 20 June 8pm Ding Dong (mp3’s on bands website)
The Phoenix Foundation/ (NZ) Fri 20 June 8pm $12+BF East Brunswick Club (mp3’s on bands website)
The Breeders Tue 5 August 2008 Billboard the Venue

Melbourne 2 am Lockout

I have mixed feelings about the Melbourne 2am Lockout. One important thing to remember is when it starts, I was an idiot and thought it was last weekend. It starts at Tuesday 3rd June 2008.

I had a friend last weekend visiting from Sydney (he lives in a inner suburb) and thought Melbourne's night life people were fairly wild, drunks and goth/rave heads roaming the streets. I'm sick of drunks in the City, but love band's and little bar in the ally ways. I probably don't see any more gigs at 2am, as most of them finish at 12 or 1 so I dont know how that will effects gigs other than the ones at Pony, Cherry has some, but not as many as Pony.

Only time will tell how this change.

Check out this site for info.

Also there's an official protest Friday 30 May at Treasury Gardens, cnr Flinders / Spring Streets 5pm. More at the above website.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Man I missed Root the other night, shit will have to catch up with them some other time.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beat TV on YT

Just found this Melbourne Street Press Beat has its Beat TV on Youtube, check it out.