Friday, February 03, 2006

The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers, + Youth group & Riff Random
The Corner, Wed 1st Feb

The Magic Numbers played there sideshow, after playing at the Melbourne Big Day Out. The Corner was packed and instead of smelling of smoke, it was more like sweat and beer.

I didn't get there untill Youth Group were on. Call me a wanker or snob, whatever, I simply don't care for
Riff Random. Youth Group's lead singer Toby sang like he was making sex to the mike, but just could't make it. Last time I saw Youth Group was at a gig in 2004 at Ding Dong, where then they just seemed to rock out more.

Migac Numbers are from London, but have a sound that could fit very comfortably in the states. They have a experimental sound and melodic, like such other artists as the flaming lips and from the 60's a touch of the Mamas and Papas.

The two girls had very beutiful voices, Michele soft and Angela ever so sexy and sweet. Also was very pleased to find out that they weren't not pretentious gits. They did an interesting cover of Crazy in Love and finished it off with one of the longest ever outro's I have heard in a while.

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