Monday, July 28, 2008

Cry Mercy and Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew - Disco I Love You

On Saturday night I managed to see a couple of bands play at the Birmingham Hotel, which I would never have gone before, due to a skin head violent vibe it had going. But now under new management is more likened to the young Indie crowd that is sweeping the nation, well it's more akin to a place you'd find in the CBD.

The Sharks, They Bite!, Cry Mercy, Cast & Crew and Damn Terran. I was lucky enough to see Cry Mercy and Cast & Crew.

Cry Mercy was real rocky, doing some great instrumentals.

Cast & Crew had more of a pop slant, something you could dance to, maybe even do the robot if inclined. Looking forwarding to hearing and seeing more of these two bands.

Johnny Saw Horses LP launch

Johnny Saw Horses(space) has an LP launch this Sunday 3rd August 8pm at Toff in Town ($10 on the door). Support on the night will be Super Stupid(said to be playing a cover set), KES(solo), Bi ddy Connor(who plays a viola), and Cougar Flashy(Previously known as Fulton Girls Club).

Johny Saw Horses is made up of James and Jess. Going by there myspace James plays guitars, laptop, viola, bass, zither, vocals, recorders, effects, percussion, piano, ondes martenot synth (AS French Connection and Spawn System), banjo mandolin, mellotron, baritone ukulele. And Jess does vocals, guitars, bass, laptop, recorders, soprano and baritone ukuleles, and other instruments.

There website has a couple of sample MP3, that only go for half or less of the song, this is fairly frustrating as when you start getting into a track it just finishes. But they have there myspace witch seems to have the full tracks up and on JJJ unearthed also has full tracks, which is where I got the below from.

Johnny Saw Horses - Swansong

A couple more tracks available at JJJ unearthed.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here's the Ticket

at the price of Bored on thursday? This could be the Ticket. Route 66 a rock'n'roll, rockabilly and R&B night is starting up at the Old Bar in Collingwood with Mohair Slim, The Exotics and DJ Electric Mudcat at the price of $8.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is Indie Music?

Georgia Fields - Drama On The High Seas Of Emotion

The Hazelman Brothers - Meredith

Georgia Fields and Her Mini-Indie-Orchestra with The Hazelman Brothers and Ben Manijsama are playing Manchester Lane on the 24th. The Hazelman Brothers track above is a melow number, I believe it's about an Aus Music festival called Meredith. The above Georgia remind me of Tori Amos but I don't know about the who Mini Indie Orchestra, a little too cute or contrived, but what is indie music these days.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Soul, Disco, Hip Hop and Rock Night

Richie from Stone Love at PBSfm is doing this Soul, Disco, Hip Hop and Rock Night at the Horn in Collingwood (20 Johnston St, Collingwood, btwn smith and wellington) every 2nd and 4th Friday night after 9pm. Haven't been there yet but am looking for a new soul night as Cherry is not open anymore and there is know where to get my grove on.

I Love Technology

The Greenmatics - I Love Technology

Some where along my trip around the interweb I found The Greenmatics(Space). They are an Electro Pop New Wave three piece that use vocals, synths, bass and drums to create music.

Unfortunately I missed them playing at Roxanne, due to there myspace stating they were playing at Revolver on the 2nd of August, then I check it again and that gig is longer there and found they just played.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Little Haunting

Haunted Attics - We Eat Young Souls

Haunted Attics(space) from Canberra are playing some gigs coming up in Melbourne town. They play music that may sound like Brit Pop, Rock and some country (I hate god damn box's).

Melbourne gigs
17 Jul The Old Bar with The Holy Sea and The Controls, The Edinburg
19 Jul Edinburgh Castle with Potential Falcon and Krista Polvere & the Blacklist
20 Jul The Tote with The Holy Sea, Brian Henry Hooper, Crystal Thomas & the Flowers of Evil and H

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This could be worth a listen

This could be worth a listen Here She Goes Again(Melbourne based) is having an EP launch at the Toff in town $10. They claim to be an Italian indie/pop/rock/psychedelic trio, but also I can here 60's garage and some Sonic Youth in there, check out the track at the bottom.

Also they are supported by The Dead South and Black Pony express.

There She Goes Again - Withces' Season

The above track was found on the JJJ website also another track can be found there.

Experts call 2am Lockout a failure

MJust saw this in the mornings the 'Experts' are saying that the 2am lockout is a failure, don't know if places will be running as usual. Check out The Age article below with full details.