Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Bawdies at the Tote

Tuesday 19/6/07
The Bawdies (Japan)(space), The Tash Mints, The Ooga Boogas, Blow-Up DJS Emma Peel & Il Cattivo.

The Bawdies (Japan) Tuesday 19th of June The Tote After getting back home from a fairly feeling surly, check the gig guide to see The Bawdies playing at the Tote for a staggering 1990’s price of $10. I did however manage to miss the first few acts but caught I believe The Tash Mints (but when your up the back of the tote it's a little hard to see whats going on)..

The place was packed at 9.30 when I got there, probably not as packed out as the Eddy Current Suppression Ring gig I went to later on this year. But still great to see a packed out gig for the Tote on a Tuesday. The crowd was a mix of some excited Japanese ex-pats, local youth and some older folk too.

The Bawdies play a mixture of 50’s Rock’n’Roll, R’n’B, Garage and Japanese group sounds. If you can get yourself to Dragon Fly records in the CBD you may be able to find a great compilation called Go Go Group Sounds of the 1960’s, full of band from the 60’s. High light for me was there cover of the Little Richards ‘Tootie Fruity’ which was in there encore.


pbs fm radio for the people.....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mp3 on JJJ

Some Mp3 on the JJJ website,

machine translations
- Need a Miracle
Now based in Melbourne

Sly Hats - Vampire Sips
Solo work for Geoff O'Connor who is the singer/songwriter for Melbourne quartet the Crayon Fields. Next gig is on the Friday 22nd June at Toff In Town (Curtain House) Melbourne, which is also an album launch.

British India - Tie Up My Hands
Another Melbourne group playing on the Wednesday 20th June at Spanish Club (the last gig at the Spanish club due to closing down). There playing a gig for the PBS/RRR Megahertz Football team 10 year aniversy bash.

Monday, June 18, 2007

14/6 Wanda Jackson

At the Corner

I feel bad saying it but the Flying Saucers had a cover band sound but had a fund vibe on stage and set the night for the Rockabilly extravaganza. The crowd was probably the oldest I've seen at the Corner, plus plenty of young kids who dressed up for the occasion (which looks a bit wanky)

Hanks Jalopy Demons were a perfect connection with the new and the old of Rockabilly, this band were very energetic, dancable and entertaining.

The show was a bit of a best of, with Wanda telling some of the stories along the way. Wanda managed to pull out a gospel song, with a few people in the crowd not happy, but she sang it amazingly regardless of what your beliefs are. Even though Wanda has aged psychically, her voice, to her voice was still intact and sounding very much of what I've heard from her CD's.

Also the backing for Wanda in her Australian tour was Itchy Fingers & Andrew King.

The night was cold, I found this out while deciding to walk home while leaving some friends to get a few CD's signed.