Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Big O

The Big O ( – Queensbridge, 1 Queensbridge Road, South Melbourne. Feb 25

Haven't been to Queensbridge before, small pub like place in the bottom with a huge event are upstairs. The evening was fairly quiet for a O week event.

8pm Ben Lee (Didn’t see)

9:15 The Fratellis (Don’t know why they are so popular, but the kids like them)

10:45 The Music (Flavour of the month, but the backpackers got into this)

7:30 Casette Kids (Didn’t see)

9:00 Yves Klein Blue (Inde rockers, who I preferred there recent release)

10:20 Bluejuice did see (Party Band)

11.00 The Music - Once flavor of the month, was lifted up by all the backpackers

CSS and Yacht

(above Yacht)

I have like what I heard from a Yacht CD that I was given but live they sung(or seemed like) over a backing track or music from a computer. At the start they had a little slide show and didn't mind some of the video loops they had going in the background.

Streetparty DJ wasn't too bad playing a lot of hit good and bad, from what I remember going from Salt n Peppers 'Push It' to 'Pop Corn' to the Pixies 'Debaser'.

CSS was quite different in contrast compare to Yacht as they are a full band, which was a big change for the night. I really like there energy they had on stage. Probably went for around an hour including an encore.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No Internet

I've just moved house and have no Internet access, expect no updates for a little while.