Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The New Pornographers at the Prince

The New Pornographers at the Prince

Came in just as those weedy kids (tight black jeans they're all the craze) had finished (was it the Crayon Fields) - comments 'better than last time... Could loose a Band member...'.

What another Solid gig, pop sensation, made me walk out of there with a huge smile. My mate whom I went with (as well as my X who I miss) got a compliment by a drunk on the way out 'I can tell you saw the New Pornographers'. It was fantastic big band well 7, crowd wasnt to bad either for a Tuesday night, tight and snapy sounds, lets dance the night away.

“Twin Cinema” from ‘Twin Cinema’

Web The New Pornographers

Crayon Fields MySpace

Crayon Fields "Lovely Time" from a demo

The New Pornographers - All For Swinging You Around

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