Monday, March 31, 2008

My Disco + Fabulous Diamonds & kes(with band)

The Corner 22/3 MY DISCO!(space) (album launch) + Fabulous Diamonds & kes(with band). $10+BF.

Fabulous Diamonds

Fabulous Diamonds had some interesting instrumentals but I didn't care much for the singing, was a bit for the sake of singing trendy (that does that make sense).

Kes is always interesting to see, last time was at the Tote where he played a solo show, plenty of psych riffs to take you off this planet. With a band its the next level, plenty of layers and locals. There were even some more poppy tracks, which reminded me of where I first herd Kes on a Unstable Ape sampler (do they still exist?). Also if any one knows was he part of the Bird Blobs?

My Disco

Last time I saw My Disco was at the Arthouse with the likes of Envy, Brisk and Art Vandelay. which was a quite a different style of gig with more harder edge bands. I just can't pin My Disco down as they can fit anywhere. Sometimes they are Punk, Experimental Guitar, hints of Metal and even a whisper of Indie. What I like about this band is that the whole sound and performance is very hypnotic and addictive, proving that sometimes something so minimal can open new part of the imagination.

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