Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maximo Park + With Flamingo Crash

Maximo Park(space) + Flamingo Crash -
Bill board the venue, Wed 12/3, pots of draught $3.50

Flamingo Crash - It's Mystery Music!

Have never been to Bill Board the Venue, as was commented by a friend it looks like somewhere ‘Coolies’ would go to – Coolies were best described as people who try to be cool and also includes people who go to the gym. Other than dance club feel to the place it had fairly descent views, in front of the bar was a great one, and also two projection screens on the side.

Was quietly surprised by Flamingo Crash, didn’t really know what to expect. Plenty of guitar and keyboards with a upbeat sound, relaxing more towards the end. The lead singer was trying to do his best to warm up the crowd for the main and but felt a little annoying.

Did not know what to expect for the crowd for Maximo Park, didn’t know if its was going to be packed and quiet. But was tightly packed with cool kids and plenty of people from the UK. They didn’t really do it for me, but the crowd all seemed pretty into it. For me they just didn’t have the x factor that hooks you in to there music, although they’re single Apply Some Pressure is a great song and a stand on the night.

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