Saturday, March 08, 2008

Buffalo Tom

Buffalo Tom(space), Even & Telecom
Hi Fi, Fri 7 Mar, Can of Toohey's New $5.00

On Friday there were a fair few gig’s happening, this night there was a sold out gig down the road with Ween. Maybe this was due to all these side shows for the Golden Plains music festival. I’ve seen Telecom before but they sounded very fresh, and reminded me of You Am I. I didn’t catch even as I spent this time consoling a mate who couldn’t get a ticket to see Ween. When coming back there were stacks of blokes (plenty with bald heads) with some with there girlfriends. The first half of the Gig Buffalo Tom played classics, such as ‘Wiser’ and the second half of the Gig they played new stuff. They have some great songs but sometimes felt they are a band who have toured a lot and are going through motions.

Even - I am the light(.m4a)

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