Thursday, July 19, 2007


ENVY(space) + MY DISCO!(space) + BRISK + ART VANDELAY The Arthouse, City. 8pm.

A cold night sore all these
cool kids and pretty girls and boys - with there slick hair styles and designer gear from shop down an alley off chapel street (for non melbournians that the wanker district) - venture on down to the Arthouse for some mid week punk. It was so cold in the venue at the start that I had to wear my gloves and even up stairs in the outside smoking area (I don't smoke) found myself warming to the gas heater.

Art Vandelay (Brisbane) had that whole young vibe, with many different sounds coming from them, which is great because they have the potential to go anywhere in the musical universe.

I was very much in a trance listening to My Disco, wasn't expecting too much, one of my friends gave them a good quiet rap before they started, and I found myself to be in some sort of hypnotic state listening to there beats. Brisk were consistent, but I felt bored while waiting for the next band and my next drink.

When My Disco started I had they complete wow factor, probably due to the fact that they contracted so differently from the first two acts (and even the last Envy). My Disco had an Album released some time ago (I think it was Cancer) and was getting album of the week on PBS and RRR when it was release, so I feel like a Johny come lately now listening to them. They had some awesome instrumentals and other songs that would just pound right into you. I just placed this act in a box and label them.

My Disco - Perfect Protection

Envy (Japanese hardcore/screamo) came on which saw the whole crowd go to the front of the Arthouse. I found this out while talking to my mate and headed up to the stage to take a closer look. They had some great riffs and this great intensity.

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