Sunday, December 30, 2007

Built to Spill + Crayon Fields & Gareth Liddiard

Built to Spill(space) + Crayon Fields(space) & Gareth Liddiard
The Corner 29/12/2007, ticket $48, pots of draught beer $3.60

Crayon Fields played a sweet, crusy indie pop, great for a summer day.

Gareth Liddiard(I think he's the Lead singer of the Drones) solo act, playing haunting ballads and telling stories.

Built to Spill played a real dreamy gig with plenty of great guitar action. It was amazing that this relaxed band had a few crazy supporters in the crowd even one person who must of fainted near the stage, as the lead singer called for someone to give them a hand. Doug Martsch also thank the crowd for coming and mention how expensive it was, but how I see it was very cheep for an international gig these days.

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