Thursday, December 20, 2007

King Brothers & Bang!Bang!Aids! at the Tote

King Brothers, Bang!Bang!Aids! and ?.
16/12/07 at the Tote

I only caught the last five tracks of the first act, and can’t remember for the life of me who they were but they had some incredible fuzz happening.

Second act to come on stage was Bang!Bang!Aids!(In my opinion on of the worst names in the business at the moment). If you haven’t seen this band they comprise of Guitarist, Drummer and Two members on stage each had a Floor Tom(I know nothing about drums and found this on wikipedia). I have listened to some of there music before and was very interested in seeing them live, but live was a little bit annoyed with the stopping and starting and some in house jokes with the crowd. Also minor note some of the punters left while this band was playing.


Didn’t know what to expect with the King Brothers other than they were from Japan, and they’d played this Rock n Roll/Punk tunes. They were very hardworking on stage, songs went into one another and they’re was some great long guitar solo’s to be heard.

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