Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Gossip and Catcall

The Gossip(Space) and Catcall at the Prince Band Room, Sunday 16th December

It's been really hard keeping up with writing this blog as we're in the silly season of gig's. Many a gig and festival is happening around Melbourne town. The crowd at the Prince Band room was fairly young, mixed though, with slightly more Ladies than Gentlemen in the house.

Last time I saw Catcall was at Roxanne, and was much more impressed this time. What I liked about this time was a better vibe with the venue, which it seemed Catcall was feeding off it, and also she had two backup Singers/Dancers who were Ms Fitz and Carolina. Also I can't remember her introducing them. I heard once that Missy Elliot when she was down, introduced all her 20 odd dancing/backup posse in a song that went for a little long, which sounded very hilarious. For this year Catcall would be in my top 10 or one of my top lists, especially with the 'Dis' track on her demo CD (get if you can).

The Gossip mixed it up with a bit of banter and some amazing sounds. I still am amazed on how fantastic Beth's vocals were in real life, very much like a soul singer, and for some reason I was thinking Sharon Jones. It'll be very interesting to see were the Gossip career will go, and especially Beth.

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