Thursday, January 24, 2008

THE NATIONAL + Gaslight Radio

THE NATIONAL (USA)11:10pm – 12:30am + Gaslight Radio(fan site)(space) 10pm & Ned Collette Band(space)which I didn't see) 9pm
The Corner SOLD OUT! Sat 19 Jan. $35+BF

This is a quick one before I even forget to enter this gig. Most things I rate from Bad to Ok to Good to Excellent. Now Ok is my medium, so when I say to someone that gig was Ok its just medium level and some people don’t understand this. From what I’ve heard of the National they are fairly mellow but on stage they seemed to crank it up a notch. I really got into the harmonies and use of violin and brass instruments. For a sold out gig it was good, I’d probably not see them again but for a fairly relaxed acted there are some crazy people there who just wanted to go off there head like they were seeing a punk band. I don’t get it.

Also I did catch the last couple of songs from
Gaslight Radio and did enjoy it.

Slipping Husband

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