Thursday, January 31, 2008

Arcade Fire + Spoon at the Forum

Arcade Fire + Spoon at the Forum, tickets $80(from a friend), cans of VB $6.50.

Was a magical night at the Forum(if you haven’t seen a gig there then do, as it’s a beautiful old fashion theatre) with Spoon and the headlining act Arcade Fire.

Spoon from Austin, Texas are hard workers on stage, this time they had a four piece brass section for a few songs at the start and end. This was the third time to see them, but they didn’t quite rock out as before. Which is probably a good thing as it shows the band developing and progressing with its music.

It’s amazing to think that so many kids are into Arcade Fire as I consider they albums to be more albums that you listen to as a whole rather than singles, as I arrogantly believe all kids like is singles. Arcade Fire from Montreal, Canada sounds fn amazing at the forum with about 10 people in the line up(correct me if I’m wrong). It was amazing how coordinated they were with there music, lighting and video. They played a good mix of both the Neon Bible and Funeral(which is my favourite of the two). My mind is still boggled by how well the show sounded and how they just flow with eat other, with hardly any stops they kept on playing.

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