Monday, October 22, 2007

Cat Call at Roxanne

Cat Call (Kathryn and Sleater Brockman out of Sydney)
at Roxanne 19/10/07

Went to this place maybe around 8.30 ish not open. So my mate and I then decided to get some Dumpling action in a near by restaurant in china town (well Roxanne is in China Town). We're were pretty keen to see Cat Call (Kathryn) in action, I have greatly enjoyed her demo CD she sent me via here myspace website site thingy. While sitting there in this dead place, we had the pleasure in watching both Death Proof and Planet terror in silent, great visuals.Yes Roxanne was dead, will this trendy place survive? It's the type of place the cool kids will go to make out and sell there trendy drugs. Cat Call was very excited and energetic on stage, coming out at 1pm. I didn't know any of the tracks, but maybe this was my sleepy head kicking in. The show was plenty of backing tracks with singing of the top. I've seen peaches do this at a Big Day Out back in 2004, but she had visuals and even more energy on stage, maybe it would be interesting to see Cat Call head this way, time will only tell.

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