Monday, July 28, 2008

Cry Mercy and Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew - Disco I Love You

On Saturday night I managed to see a couple of bands play at the Birmingham Hotel, which I would never have gone before, due to a skin head violent vibe it had going. But now under new management is more likened to the young Indie crowd that is sweeping the nation, well it's more akin to a place you'd find in the CBD.

The Sharks, They Bite!, Cry Mercy, Cast & Crew and Damn Terran. I was lucky enough to see Cry Mercy and Cast & Crew.

Cry Mercy was real rocky, doing some great instrumentals.

Cast & Crew had more of a pop slant, something you could dance to, maybe even do the robot if inclined. Looking forwarding to hearing and seeing more of these two bands.

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