Sunday, August 03, 2008

Devo, Regurgitator and Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Devo, Regurgitator and Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Festival Hall 31/7/2008. Around the $100
VB in a plastic cup about $6.

It took awhile to actually get into the gig, with complicated numbering system on the doors. I thought that this would make things run a little smoothly but most people were confused, maybe they need to employ a few roaming people to assist with confused.

Also upon entering you get frisked, I haven't been to Festival Hall since the early 00's but felt it was very 90's. And the joke is really on them, most people have mobile, which can generally take good pictures and some mobiles out there can take some good/medium level video, so why not ban people from taking in there mobiles. Also the vibe in Festival Hall felt like were all just cattle led in for some sensible entertainment, and this is probably why I avoid going there.

So while waiting to get in Eddy Current played, they sounded good outside. Regurgitator was a real flash back to the 90's, they sounded very flat, and I do prefer they studio work to there live. Last time I saw them play was also at Festival Hall, possibly back in 1999 or 2000 playing after TISM, which also didn't do too much for them, as TISM have very good stage show. It also annoyed me that they did multiple thanks to Devo and Devo are up next calls, just play the music, we all know who the main act are, once is enough.

My mate was fairly pumped to see Devo, I was very weary, didn't want to get disappointed. Some guy that was behind was very excited, he said he was around 40 and seemed to be his only night of the year to be let out of the house. He was nut's, nearly started a fight with this other nerd next to him, and spitting on everyone when he sang along. Later in the show we pushed him forward, although I felt sorry as he started to do some sexy dance with a lady. Although he try to dance with me early on, which was weird, but I managed to stop it with some crafty robot dancing.

Devo were good, they weren't mediocre or mind blowing but just good. Very tight with everything, a few video clips thrown in, and a couple of costume changes. The last song they played was beautiful world with a twist, I think he was called Boogie Boy, this was a real disappointment, I love the original, but singing it with a high pitch voice was annoying and horrible not ironic and funny.

Devo - Live 1980

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