Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Love Technology

The Greenmatics - I Love Technology

Some where along my trip around the interweb I found The Greenmatics(Space). They are an Electro Pop New Wave three piece that use vocals, synths, bass and drums to create music.

Unfortunately I missed them playing at Roxanne, due to there myspace stating they were playing at Revolver on the 2nd of August, then I check it again and that gig is longer there and found they just played.


The said...

Helloooo, sorry about the Melbourne gig mix up. Unfortunately we had to change our Melbourne tour date to another day and another venue due to.... stuff happening!

Just got back from our tour today and will take a bit of time off to record new stuff, but we'll be doing more gigs here in Melbourne soon and we'll buy you a beer to make up for the mix up.

G :]

The Stayer said...

Wow. Didn't think anyone was reading this blog. Looking forward to a listen when your back in town.

The Greenmatics said...

Just letting you know that we'll be playing the Kiss My Grass festival @ The Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne on Australia Day (25/1/09).... lots of 'doof doof' music, can't wait!!