Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth
The Palace (formally the Metro), Thursday 21 Feb
Can’s of VB $6

I heard about the Metro having a making over, and was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t feel as cluttered as the last time I went there. The last time I went there was back in 2003 to see Badly Drawn Boy, which was a total disappointment, mainly due to the disinterest of Damon and the sound.

The crowd was a mix between the young cool kids, who don’t really listen to music anymore, and go to gigs because all there friends PM them through some networking site and plenty of 30-40 year olds who used to listen to them when they were going up. I still don’t know who is scary your 18-25 kids or people in there 30’s-40’s.

Didn’t get to see the Scientist’s play due to wasting time at home (I’ll blame that one on the internet) but just go there about 10 minutes before Sonic Youth had played. Last time I saw Sonic Youth play was back in 2003 at the Forum touring there Murray Street LP, which a magical gig, done in two half’s, first more instrumental and second songs with vocals. This time they play there album Daydream Nation, as was part of a series of gigs(was it called back in the day). Some people love or hate sonic youth, I tend to swing the love em, as I really get into there instrumental parts and how creative they can get with the use of the old guitar. This set I think last about one and a half hours, well I think, time was lost on me for a little while.

Sonic Youth - Eric's Trip
from Goo Deluxe Edition Outtakes (Live at Irvine, CA 11/03/90)

The picture at the Top was found at http://www.sonicyouth.com/freestuff/index.html. You can find more SY stencils there.

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