Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little Red

Little Red at Northcote Social Club, Tuesday 19/2. $10. Potts of Druaght Beer $3.50.

This is the time of year University Start’s, under 18’s should all be back in school and summer in the land of Aus finishes. While venturing to this gig this was when I happened to stumble upon some loud new University students, who all decided to jump on the Tram I was travelling on and go for a ride for three stops. Then at the gig the amount of young people there was massive, well in my own opinion. It feels like the kids these days are getting younger or is that I’m getting older. There on the tram I was thinking no more kids and I go to the gig there’s even more. But there’s something happening there, I always read about people complaining that gig numbers are dieing and people should go out to see more bands, support your local venue. With this gig I forgot all about that it was packed, full of young people, but packed for a lazy Tuesday night residency at the Northcote Social Club.

I only got just there in time to see Little Red so I cant say anything about the other band nor do I know who played (there were two supports). I saw them back supporting the pipettes at the start of 2008, and was still impressed. They have great energy, vocals harmonies, guitars and interesting drummer (he was described to me as a bobble head). If you like the sounds of Franz Ferdinand, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry check them out, either on line or get a hold of there EP(I did at the gig).

They finish there residency at the Northcote Social Club on 26 of Feb, and will be performing that night with The Holidays (NSW) and Dash & Will.

The kids went crazy over this song, must be due to the high airplay on Triple J radio.

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