Thursday, February 14, 2008

Minus The Bear + Nation Blue

Minus the Bear + Nation Blue & another band I forgot to write down there name,
Sunday 10/02/08 at Hi Fi, tickets about $45 pre $50 at the door.

Something I forgot with the Hi Fi, are no longer selling Fosters beverages (that’s Carlton Draught, Pure Blonde, Cascade, and many more) and are now selling, or what appears to be lion Nathan, becks, toeheys etc. Becks Stubies $7.50. One of my mates said next time just say ‘Whatever’s you cheapest?’ work, so might have to try that.

The crowd were fairly young looking, but that’s not surprising as Minus The Bear are a fairly internet savvy and highly blogged band.

The first act were an instrumental band whom I forgot to make a note of there name, they were good, took you to some quieter places then just let these heavier riffs out. While listening to the next band Nation Blue brought up memories of Billy Childish, The Clash and at the Drive In.

The first two acts you could be mistaken for being at a punk gig, but Minus the Bear(from Seattle), I don’t really think they fit in a punk pigeon hole but rather a rock or prog rock. When they came onstage the lead singer, Jake Snider , said his was no good, but after a few songs into it seemed to come good, or maybe I just didn’t notice it. The second song they played is my favourite from there Planet of Ice CD ‘Throwin’ Shapes’ which I enjoyed, I don’t know what do you say. It’ll be interesting to see how far this band will go as they had some fairly dedicated fans (before they started they are went to the empty part at the front and all waited)j, they have a great sound as well, maybe they’ll somehow jump into the mainstream or stay unknown and gather a large following.

Minus the Bear - Throwin' Shapes

more Minus the Bear can be found at Suicide Squeeze Records.

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