Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gig: Hoodoo Gurus & The Meanies

Kings of Moomba (Hoodoo Gurus) & The Meanies, The Corner, 10th Aniversery

Monday, 28th of November 2005

So The Corner had there 10 year celebrations, I’ve been to some good gigs and some fairly average ones (especially when I have ended up behind some tall dude or one of those lovely pillars). No Smoke, new bars and dinning area (which I didn’t check out) which will start the venue into there next 10 years.

The doors did open at 8pm and I was thinking, maybe it’s a start of a new era of early gigs, where I’m not home at a late time, but then I am getting old. I was a bit disappointed when I rocked up at 9 that I missed out on a free stubby holder, but I soon forgot about that as Wally Meanie told me I should buy a poster with a grin on his face.

The Meanies soon started after 9, transporting the corner back to the early nineties. The Meanies were my teenage heroes of music, and back in the 90’s I would venture into Au-Go-Go records to buy there latest CD or T-shirt. I was happy enough to see them and hear again Scum, Ranbo Mania and other classics. Also the DJ of the night was the owner of the record store, well that’s what a friend told me.

Next up was the Hoodoo Gurus, introduced by a cuddly Russian lass. That night they were call ‘The Kings of Moomba’ but don’t know if this was good for ticket sales or a hinderance (see poster, real names sold out first).

After the first Song the leading man, Dave Faulkner, proclaimed that they will only play song made before 1985. Later on in the night a friend told me that she heard a couple of girl complain in the toilet about there choice of set list. The punters didn’t care because every tune that was played was a crowed pleaser as they played there wonderful hybrid of trash pop tunes and infectious songs.

After watching two great live performances, I thought glad I don’t smell like smoke, but when I got home my girlfriend said to me “you smell like smoke”.

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