Monday, November 21, 2005

Berry Street Bash at The Retreat

Sunday 20/11/2005

Sunday was a fantastic day, not a cloud in site and a pub offering a range of live acts and cool beer. The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick had the “Berry Street Bash” plus the beer garden. Wrong I was. The bands were inside for day, which was such a pity, because I have seen some outside gigs at the Retreat and its great fun.

The line for the day included Hovercrafts, Tranquilisers, Crayon Fields, Kids from Russia, Hot Little Hands, Plug-In City, Red Ink Spills, Ned Collette, Gorgeous and DJ Dallas Crane. It was a shame they weren’t playing outside as I would of seen more of these acts.

It was one of the most missed opportunities I have ever seen at pub in Melbourne, not to put the bands outside, in the beer garden. There were so many more punters hanging out in the beer garden compare to the small and awkward band room. But at the end of the day it was to help a good cause.

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