Friday, September 09, 2005

Spoon + Small Goods & Screenings

The Corner, Fri 9th Sept 05

I keep on forgetting to post this gig that I saw back in September. I had seen both Spoon and the Small Goods last year (different gigs) at the corner, both were fresh then, but now have lost a little magic.

The Screens took to the smaller stage, and was plagued with problems, it was kind of start and stop affair. The
Small Goods, from Port Fairy/Warrnambool, took to the stage, making a sound that was totally not what I was expecting. Last time they had a experimental sound with wailing guitars and effects, but this time it was a wailing lead singer with pop numbers. If they were pub food I would have to be the soup of the day, given the soup of the day is unpredictable, not knowing what you’re going to get. Some of the boys from Small Goods have come along way from playing in a cover band in Mid 90's called Toe Jam, playing in such country pub as the Whalers.

But the reality of the day was we all came to see Spoon play, which they did. Spoon change the pace of the place with their catchy pop that woke everyone up and got your foot tapping to their off beat tunes. They were the Burger and Chips of the pub menu, a solid performer, where you new what you were going to get. Leaving you with a full stomach and songs going round in your head on the trip back home.


Spoon has a few demo and tracks on there site, I turn my Camer On from Gimmie Ficiton was their signiture tune from that album and I summon you (demo), from the same album.

Small Goods have two mp3 up on there home page, Round and Around
taken from This Is The Show(mini album), and Good Afternoon taken from Listen to the Radio(ep).

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