Tuesday, September 27, 2005

High Vibes 2005 (High Street, Norhcote)

Cockfight Shootout at Punch Salon

Sunday (25/09/05) saw a sunny day down on High Street, Northcote with High Vibes festival. Kids, Adults, and dogs were found wandering the street enjoying bands, food and flowing beer. Is this one of the last surviving street festivals with the likes of Brunswick street and St. Kilda (meant to be on break) gone?

I found Cockfight Shootout playing in Punch Salon, kind of a strange combination with the amber liquids, hair product and a fucking loud rock band playing. While leaving I took this photo and it sent my ears ringing to an amazing level. The
High Vibes festival is about showcasing local acts, and Cockfight Shootout is definetly one of them, struting there stuff over Melbourne venues for some time.

The kids waiting to see Mountains in the Sky at Northcote Social Club

From what I hear, and didnt see while listing to Mountains in the Sky (well I was down the back), its kind of the music (or anthem) for your dreams (well my dreams are very cut and paste anyway). Featuring many different instruments and comming from many different inspirations.

Cockfight Shootout have some tracks on website, including Earth Grazer, Ward Zero and Something Strange.

Mountains in the Sky web site is lacking content, so hopefully more information will be added. For a bio and some other info check Trifekta have an artist profile.

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