Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Necks at the Northcote Social Club

Wednesday, 7th of September 2005

The problem with having any kind of journal is the amount of work and time spent maintaining it. Hopefully it will prove a useful tool in helping me to remember gigs, bands and events.

The delays of posting entries is one of the reasons why I hasn’t posted this entry, luckily blogger you can change entry dates, so I can keep everything in chronological order.

The Necks have been around for awhile (my first time to see them) and are commonly described as a jazz improve group. Don’t let that turn you away or compare it to the ill fated Spinal Tap concert in the park. Basically you could compare them to a soundtrack to a movie, taking you through a journey that is forever changing and growing.

That night the three members took to work using a mini grand, double bas and a drum kit. I didn’t even know you could make some of the sounds using those instruments. There were two sets with the an intermission, giving people time to take a break to contemplate and digest the sounds.

All up it was an intimate gig that sent the punters into a trance like state. It was also a good example of the power of word of mouth as it was packed.

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