Friday, July 08, 2005


This is a kind of preview to a show comming up. The Go! Team have sold out one gig on Fri 29 July at the Corner, with guests Mid State Orange and The Grates. I think there are still some tickets left for the Thursday night show at the Corner.

Mid State Orange have a track on there website you can download, "Summer". This is a very danceable indie-pop tune, with plenty of pace and keyboards. The singer Louis Richter has a calm voice and the song has some 80s flavors.

The Grates are a Brisbane trio made up of two girls (one being the lead singer) and a guy. You can hear them on JJJ super request, not making a request but having a chat. They do talk to Rosie Beaton so beware, I would of prefered some kid to Rosie.

The Go! Teams Ian Parton talks to Richard Kingsmill about his approach to songwriting for there debut album "Thunder, Lighting, Strike". This interview was made back in 2004.

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