Monday, July 11, 2005

Music podcasts made in Australia

Living away from Aus, I have been keen to know what is going on in the Music world. Pods casts are the new craze and are springing up everywhere. What Australian made pod casts about music are available?

SBS whatever sessions is in its second installment and is available through Pod cast or direct download (MP3) . Episodes range from rock to electronic, roots (or is that folk) to Hip-Hop. Most artists are fairly new, giving them some valuable airtime. What you hear in there pod casts are a track or two and an interview with the featured artists.

Over at ABC they have been pumping out the Pod casts like there is no tomorrow. Currently I have been listening to there Deep End sessions. The Deep End is a Arts, Culture and music show on Radio National (but don’t let that scare you). The featured artists are either from Australia or are international artists on tour. Some of the highlights have been Laura Veirs, Cam Butler and Jens Lekman.

ABC also has recently started a pod cast for its Dig Internet Radio. Two episodes have been Hat Fitz's Country Blues and Ash Grunwald, Bakelite Radio And Blues Progression. I haven’t yet had the chance to listen to these yet so I don’t know what they are like.

Unfortunately the “Youth Network” triple J hasn’t caught on to the whole Pod cast Phenomenon. Triple J only has four available, Sunday Night Safran, J cast, Hack and Dr Karl. You would of thought there would be an Aus music pod cast due to the amount of interviews available through Roby Bucks Home & Hosed program.

Any suggestions about good Australian made Music pod casts please leave a comment.

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